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How to Find the Right Tech Talent: 12 Winning Tips!

How to Find the Right Tech Talent: 12 Winning Tips!

With digitization fast becoming a norm for businesses, even non-tech companies are eager to learn how to find the right tech talent to boost productivity and profit. This stems from the pandemic-proven fact that business resilience stems from automation, which includes making products and services accessible online.

As a result, the demand for tech workers has significantly increased, making talent acquisition even more competitive. Even if JobStreet’s Decoding Global Talent Report reveals that 77% of Filipino workers are willing to reskill for new jobs, finding qualified jobseekers can be challenging. Because they are sought after, digital workers have the luxury of choosing jobs.

And according to the Decoding the Digital Challenge Report, 73% of global tech workers plan to change jobs in the next two to three years. These digital professionals are unafraid to seek greener pastures and new challenges because their skills are always needed elsewhere.

So, how can you attract jobseekers who hold bargaining power? JobStreet gives you 12 tips in assembling your dream tech team. Also read: Best Digital Jobs To Hire Today According To This Salary Report

12 Strategies For Finding And Recruiting The Best Tech Talent

1. Ensure that the price is right. As they say, you get what you pay for. Though salary isn’t the only consideration for some jobseekers, it’s still a pretty strong incentive. If you want to get the best workers, you need to offer competitive compensation. Unsure about how much to offer? Ask around, explore websites that provide salary data, and read JobStreet’s salary reports. If you can’t afford to outbid the competition, be creative in thinking of add-ons, such as equity, in your employment package.

2. Make your company culture attractive. A desirable company culture is an essential part of employer branding, which not only retains top employees but also entices top talent. In fact, the Decoding Global Talent Report says that today’s workforce consider company values before sending in their resumes. Diversity and environmental awareness top these jobseekers’ list of must-address social issues. Almost 60% of jobseekers declared that they would steer clear of companies that don’t practice inclusivity and eco-friendliness.

3. Show excellent leadership. Aside from job security and work-life balance, Filipinos’ top preferences include having a good relationship with their superior, says the Decoding Global Talent report. If your executive management displays leadership built on empathy, fairness, and collaboration, you’re likely to attract worthy candidates. A simple example of great leadership? Replying to all your applicants, even those who didn’t make the cut.

4. Highlight your tech-related ventures and capabilities. If your company isn’t known for its tech involvement, then now is the time to highlight it. For how can you let tech workers know that you have space for them? Activate your marketing department to create content on your website and social media, emphasizing your digitization process and use of tech tools. This way, jobseekers will connect you to the tech scene and won’t hesitate to apply.

5. Offer work flexibility. The Decoding the Digital Challenge Report reveals that today’s tech workers value work-life balance, with a whopping 95% preferring fully or partially remote work. This also works for you as a hirer since you don’t have to limit your recruitment to a specific location. By casting a bigger net, you end up with a sizable catch of jobseekers—from which you can take your pick.

6. Consider a blended workforce. For your business to run efficiently, you don’t need to hire everyone on a full-time basis. Top-level freelance top workers are always on the lookout for fresh challenges, and if you offer them at the right time, these in-demand employees may snap them up. By hiring freelancers for crucial positions and for a limited time, you quickly gain a competitive edge while managing salary costs. 

7. Give learning opportunities. In today’s fast-paced world, digitization may be a constant, but tech tools are not. With technology constantly evolving, even today’s most competitive digital professionals can fall behind if they don’t refresh their skills and knowledge. Providing opportunities for learning and skill development attracts the right talent—the ones constantly aiming for self-improvement.

8. Provide career growth. A lot of tech employees crave job mobility, which you can also offer within your company. Career paths don’t always have to be vertical. While some people want to climb the corporate ladder, others prefer exploring other roles within the same job level. This kind of flexibility may attract your target candidates.

9. Make recruitment fast and easy. Time is precious, especially among these in-demand workers. Making the hiring process long and tedious will only turn off potential employees. Found a jobseeker you like? Don’t hesitate to take the next step. Other companies are lying in wait. To fast-track your recruitment, partner with JobStreet today!

10. Personalize job perks. We’ve suggested some benefits you offer jobseekers, but in truth, different candidates want different things. If you’re interested in a candidate, exert effort in knowing their preferences. If, for example, the job is already remote, what other perks can you offer? These may include providing extra pay for utilities or being output-oriented instead of enforcing fixed working hours.

11. Look for valuable soft skills. What are the characteristics of a good tech talent? Of course, technical skills are a must. But emotional intelligence, work ethic, and soft skills, such as communication, collaboration, and adaptability are also vital traits in a tech-driven workplace. Aside from hard skills, check if the candidate compliments your work culture. If yes, chances are you’ll get to keep them around for a considerable time.

12. Sharpen your hiring tools. Posting a job ad on reputable job portals like JobStreet can give you the reach you need. As a preferred recruitment partner of private and public organizations for over two decades, JobStreet has experience in giving its clients access to a wide yet specialized talent pool.

Our job ads deliver results because these:

  • Can be tailored to different hiring needs. Our free Lite Ads are great for easy-to-fill and non-urgent roles. Want to boost employer branding? Try our Branded Ads, which let you personalize banners and give you more ad space to showcase your unique selling points. For in-demand tech jobs, we recommend our Premium Ads, which gives you faster access to jobseekers, thanks to a priority listing in candidates’ searches.

  • Trigger job alerts via desktop, mobile apps, and other new technologies. Tech begets tech. We proudly use technology such as AI (artificial intelligence) to help you get the skilled workers you require.

  • Fit any budget type. You can switch your ad type anytime, depending on your budget and needs. This way, you’re in control of your recruitment budget. You decide when to spend or hold back.

  • Embody our expertise. Crafting job ads is tricky work. You need to be precise in your wording—from the job title to its description. We provide assistance for you to create job ads that convince and convert!

Start finding your next employees today!

How to find the right tech talent? Take the right steps today to future-proof your business. As long as your tech roles remain vacant, there are still valuable opportunities to push your business to the next level. The sooner you fill up the roles, the more efficiently you can achieve your long-term goals. So, follow our tips and be well on your way to your digital transformation!

LetsGetToWork and find the right talent for your company! Simply create or update your company profile in JobStreet and explore the Talent Search page. For more industry news and expert advice, visit our Inspirations page.

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