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Hiring Advice Hiring process 10 Reasons Why Jobstreet’s Chat Support Can Fulfill Your Hiring Needs
10 Reasons Why Jobstreet’s Chat Support Can Fulfill Your Hiring Needs

10 Reasons Why Jobstreet’s Chat Support Can Fulfill Your Hiring Needs

Innovation is at the heart of JobStreet’s customer service. Using technology, we constantly improve our processes to serve you better. 

Now, we have added the JobStreet chat support feature in your employer website. This way, you can connect with us 24/7 for your hiring needs. All you have to do is type out your query in the chat box. Promptly, a JobStreet customer service representative will address your concerns about your account, our job ads, and other services.

How technology is shaping the hiring process

Around the world, technology has been revolutionizing human resources (HR), particularly its hiring process. In fact, this study found that 56.7% of surveyed HR professionals in the Philippines agree that they spend the most time on recruitment. Moreover, some hiring teams still use manual processes in finding, narrowing down, and choosing candidates to fill their vacant roles.

But the good news is that the majority of recruiters are using online platforms to widen their job recruitment reach. As a matter of fact, 60.7% of survey participants report that they no longer use traditional media for employment. Most HR professionals also believe that automation will streamline processes and boost productivity.

How JobStreet connects you to the best candidates

JobStreet always strives to provide its users with the best navigation experience. With a modern layout and an AI-enabled platform, candidates can easily find jobs that suit their preferences. This means you can easily and quickly find jobseekers that match your employment needs because of the following:

  • A mobile-friendly and optimized job search experience that lets jobseekers view more job ads. Also, they can hit an “Apply” button for instant application.

  • An upgraded JobStreet mobile app that lets jobseekers switch from web to app for easy browsing, profile updating, and resume uploading

  • AI Technology and behavioral science insights that filter job ads for targeted jobseekers. This means advanced search capabilities on top of the basic keyword search. Through machine learning, JobStreet shows candidates similar job titles and curated ads that match their qualifications and preferences.

10 Ways JobStreet’s Chat Support Can Boost Your Recruitment Process

JobStreet’s chat support is our latest innovation that lets you reach out to us at the exact moment you need assistance. Here are other ways you can benefit from this new feature: 

  1. It’s a simpler and smoother way of hiring. JobStreet customer representatives are just one message away for your hiring-related problems or clarifications. While using your employer site, you can immediately communicate with us in real-time through the chat window. Aside from saving you time and effort, the chat support also lets us better customize our services according to your needs.

  2. Reach quality candidates and active jobseekers instantly. By using JobStreet, you gain instant access to over 12 million jobseekers in the Philippines. Additionally, our AI-powered job portal ensures your connection to relevant candidates. Such initiatives have made JobStreet the preferred partner of employers like you for over 20 years. To make the hiring process memorable to your candidates, here are some useful tips on onboarding applicants.

  3. Let job experts create and post your ads for you. You can always DIY your job ad by following our tips on writing winning job ads. However, if you want to delegate this task to us, just let us know through chat. We’ll make sure to create and post the best job ads possible for you to attract the best jobseekers. Targeting young candidates? Learn what Millennials and GenZers are like in the workplace!

  4. Manage all applications on one platform. Keep all resumes, jobseeker profiles, and candidates’ answers to your pre-interview questions in your employer site. This will make it easier for you to store, organize, and retrieve files whenever you need them.

  5. Enjoy a free ad from us. Our valued hirer partners can avail of a free lite ad from JobStreet. This job ad type is perfect for your easy-to-fill and non-urgent roles. For 30 days, your ad will appear on our site as well as our mobile app. Our user-friendly job ad composer and efficient candidate management tools are also free for you to use! Have urgent hiring needs? Or do your roles have high hiring competition? We recommend our best-performing Branded and Premium ads! We’ve also made your job ad purchase quicker and more convenient.

  6. Improve your productivity and efficiency. By partnering with JobStreet, you cut down on your recruitment’s grunt work. This frees up your staff to focus on other matters, thereby letting them focus on business growth. Let JobStreet’s tech tools, including our chat support, help you meet the evolving demands of a future-ready workplace. Part of future-proofing your workplace is hiring digital talent. To fast-track your company’s automation, learn what tech workers look for in an employer. Download the Decoding Digital Talent report for free and in full now!

  7. Provide better support to your HR team. According to the previously discussed survey, half of the HR respondents reported that their teams are small. The report states that the Philippine HR departments usually comprised only one to five members. Meanwhile, major companies typically have a maximum of 20 HR employees. If your company is unable to expand its HR team, then JobStreet can give you the recruitment support to grow your company.

  8. Promote talent retention. The same survey states that a whopping 9 out of 10 HR professionals prefer tech solutions for HR processes. Time and time again, it has been proven that providing ample employee support is key to talent retention. By maximizing JobStreet’s services, you ease the load of your HR team. Aside from making them feel valued, your initiative can also motivate them. Also read: 4 ways SMEs can improve employee retention through better hiring practices

  9. Maximize employer branding. Recently, companies have discovered the importance of employer branding in attracting top jobseekers. According to the Decoding Global Talent Report, Filipino candidates consider company values such as environmental responsibility, and diversity and inclusion when choosing their employers. To help you communicate these values, JobStreet lets you customize your job ads with not only carefully-chosen words but also visuals. You can add photos that display the best of your work environment and office culture to better attract jobseekers. Indicating salaries in your job ads is also an effective way to entice candidates. But are your offers competitive enough? Download our latest Salary Report to find out!

  10. Work with the job experts. JobStreet’s claims-to-fame include being the first choice among Filipino jobseekers and being the most-searched-for career partner. These are all based on a survey conducted by a third-party research agency and JobStreet internal data. As Asia Pacific’s pioneers in online talent sourcing, we are passionate about enhancing our job search experience for both employers and jobseekers. Also read: Top 4 Ways Why JobStreet Is the Perfect Platform for Hiring Remote Talent Hiring new talent eats into your time and money, but with JobStreet’s automated services, you can find jobseekers who are a great fit for your roles. Find qualified candidates with precision and widen your candidate pool by chatting with us today!

Ready to expand your workforce? Remember to update your company profile in JobStreet and access the Talent Search page. Last but not the least, visit our Inspirations page for more expert advice and industry news.

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