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Best Digital Jobs To Hire Today According To This Salary Report

Best Digital Jobs To Hire Today According To This Salary Report

For most companies, the first quarter of each year is often spent assessing performances and planning for the times ahead.

Were there practices that proved to be more effective than others? How about those that you might still be able to improve on? What can you do to help your business go up from there, while highlighting convenience and safety in the workplace?

Whichever way one looks at these questions, it’s almost impossible not to mention the word “digital” in your answers. Truth is, now is the time to highlight even further the importance of exploring new ways of navigating the workplace, beginning with your employees

One way to do just that is to invest in high-paying digital skills, and the JobStreet Salary Report tells you which ones you should focus on for your industry.

One way to do that is to invest in high-paying digital skills, and the JobStreet Salary Report–which you can download today for free–tells you which ones you should focus on for your industry.

An employee salary report to help you hire better

The annual report series by JobStreet details important salary data and insights that help companies make better decisions. Specifically, in managing existing and upcoming talents.

Through the report, employers and hirers will know more about the median salary for digital jobs. There is also data on jobs that have seen significant growth in salaries, which can further guide you on which skills you will need to develop among your workforce.

The table below shows the top salaries in the Philippines for the digital industry. Take note that all values listed are the median salary. So, companies may offer higher or lower numbers depending on a number of conditions.

he 2022 report analyzed data extracted from the salary requirements of JobStreet employer job ads between 2020 and 2021. One of its more useful findings is the emergence of more high-paying digital skills locally. Thus, this would be something that should make you consider how to hire digital talents more moving forward.

Salary rates by occupation and industry

With that being said, what are these digitally savvy industries that offer the most competitive wages for digital jobs? The following list runs through four industries that offer the highest-paying median salaries by industry and job level.

Communication service Communication services include anything from radio and television to couriers and telecommunications, or telecoms. These services are some of the most in-demand across years, as most businesses need them to reach out to their target markets.

According to JobStreet’s Salary Report 2022, communication service jobs offer the highest median salary for three job levels. They are Php 40,000 for junior executives, Php 75,000 for supervisors, and Php 80,500 for managers.

Within the communication service industry, those in education or training and healthcare received the highest entry-level salary at Php 24,000. Meanwhile, positions assigned to sales or marketing receive the highest executive or c-level salary at Php 205,000. The latter also had the highest salary increment compared to the previous year at more than 46%.

Moreover, computer and information technology (IT) companies show competitive salaries for junior executive, supervisor, and managerial levels. They are Php 47,500, Php 85,000, and Php 100,000, respectively.

Telecoms The telecoms industry covers businesses offering internet, cable, and telephone products or services. In this day and age, the importance of the industry is one not to be undervalued. In fact, it offers some of the most impressive lineups of salaries for Filipinos or Philippine-based workers.

Among all industries, telecoms offers the highest entry-level median salary at Php 20,000. Jobs related to sales and marketing have the highest salary for the same level. They also boast the highest monthly income increase at more than 39%.

No surprise, employees doing computer and IT work within the industry get the most pay in other levels as well. They are Php 32,500 for junior executive roles, Php 61,250 for supervisor roles, and Php 84,000 for manager roles.

The overall industry earns a c-level salary of Php 142,000, which is among the lowest in the list of industries in the first table. Just the same, entry-level jobs with an accounting and finance background earn the least salary at just Php 16,100. Accounting and finance jobs are also among those that endured significant salary decreases in 2021.

Computer and IT To say that computer and IT workers are among the highest-paid professions in the world is an understatement. Obviously, this holds true in the Philippines as well. In fact, sectors like the IT-BPM (business process management) alone saw revenues grow up to 8% by the end of 2021.

In terms of entry-level jobs, those in the computer and IT industry are the biggest earners after telecoms workers. The median salary is Php 19,550. Junior executive, supervisor, and manager positions in the industry also receive the highest salary at Php 40,000, Php 75,000, and Php 80,000. On the downside, c-level experts are paid the lowest in the earlier-listed industries.

Top salaries in the computer and IT industry by specialization and level

By specialization, manufacturing experts in the industry receive the highest salary at Php 24,000 for entry-level jobs. As you would expect, however, those with key roles as computer and IT experts are paid the most in junior executive, supervisor, manager, and c-level positions, earning up to roughly Php 200,000.

Furthermore, those working in the arts, media, and communication receive the lowest salary for entry-level jobs. In addition, executive or c-level roles in the same expertise receive only about Php 80,000, a colossal difference from their computer and IT counterparts.

Electrical or electronics When talking about matters of digital nature, among the things that instantly come to mind are consumer electronics companies. Designers, producers, and sellers of electronics products all fall under the industry. These, along with other firms offering services in electric utilities and more.

Although not as high as jobs in the above sectors, salaries offered in the electrical and electronics industry are quite generous. Certainly, the field often requires intensive training and expertise among its talents. Here, salaries range anywhere from Php 17,000 to Php 161,000 depending on the job level.

*Top salaries in the electrical and electronics industry by specialization and level

Also, the report found that those working in services earn a salary of Php 20,000 for entry-level positions. This is the highest among specializations. Meanwhile, those in administrative or human resources positions earn the least at 15,500 for the same level.

Computer and IT-related jobs likewise receive the highest salary for all other job levels: Php 31,500 for junior executives, Php 76,500 for supervisors, and Php 87,500 for managers. C-level jobs for the overall industry earn a median salary of Php 136,750.

How much does an average Filipino earn per month in other industries?

The JobStreet Salary Report also reveals other industries that offer high median salaries for digital skills, as seen below.

Again, the values are median salaries. To view the full JobStreet Salary Report 2022, you can download it here.

What should all this data mean for your company?

At this point, it’s clear that digital industries offer some of the highest median salaries in the Philippines. Moving forward, let this encourage you to offer more high-paying digital skills. The more digitally savvy your talents are, the bigger the chances are to innovate and grow.

So, as a business owner, employer, or hirer, how do you do this? In your talent search process, here are key points that you can follow:

  1. Work on your company branding – Highlight what you can do for and offer to your employees. For the best results, register for a Branded or Premium ad on JobStreet, ideal for in-demand or high-hiring roles.

  2. Consider work set-ups that apply – Should you stick to strictly remote or in-office work? Whatever you choose, remember that employees come first.

  3. Reach out to the talents you want – Don’t wait for them to find you, use JobStreet’s Talent Search for the largest talent database in the Philippines instead. But first, don’t forget to update your company profile on the platform!

Want more expert advice on how to hire the perfect digital-based talent or make your company more digital-friendly? Visit Inspirations today and don’t forget to download the JobStreet Salary Report today.

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