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Market Insights Workforce insights These 10 Work-Life Balance Benefits Will Keep Your Employees Happy
These 10 Work-Life Balance Benefits Will Keep Your Employees Happy

These 10 Work-Life Balance Benefits Will Keep Your Employees Happy

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, employees' needs and priorities have changed. As a result, local and global businesses are beefing up their branding, work culture, and benefits to attract top talent.

While JobStreet's Decoding Global Talent report revealed that 58% of Filipino jobseekers prefer employers with social values, such as environmental awareness and inclusivity, the Decoding the Digital Challenge survey found that work-life balance is a prime concern among today's applicants.

All these are validated by the Hiring, Compensation & Benefits report, which includes the current and future outlook of leaves and benefits, such as those that involve work-life balance. 

What is work-life balance?

Work-life balance enables an employee to equally prioritize their needs and responsibilities at work and at home. Some work-life balance examples are flexible leave policies, a strong support group at work, and sponsored family outings. Why are these benefits worth offering in your company? Here are some reasons:

Improved employee satisfaction

Employees know that they've made the right decision in choosing you as an employer when you value their time outside work. This may also increase employee engagement because they are motivated to do their job well.

Better productivity

With work-life balance, employees have time to rest and unwind, boosting their energy for professional tasks and responsibilities. This helps them stay focused, producing better work performance.

Less absenteeism

Employees who can allot ample time for personal concerns are less likely to take sudden leaves to attend to private matters. This also benefits your business since workflow disruptions are avoided.

Employee retention

When employees feel valued and cared for, they will likely stay longer in your company. Satisfied employees are also vital in improving company reputation and attracting jobseekers.

Favorable workplace culture

A company that supports its workers fosters a positive culture. This inspires employees to improve collaboration and work efficiency, contributing to your organization's growth and success.

Top 10 Work-Life Balance Examples

With hiring on the upswing, companies are learning that salary isn't the only factor jobseekers consider in choosing an employer. Nowadays, benefits have become crucial in appealing to the best candidates. These work-life benefits are sure winners in boosting your workforce!

Five-day work week

What this promotes: excellent time management

Employees can effectively manage their time outside of work with a regular schedule. With ample time for socializing, self-care, and hobbies, they can avoid burnout, which negatively affects their health. With better quality of life, employees can enjoy a healthy balance between their professional and personal pursuits.

Casual wear every day

What this promotes: personal comfort

If employees are not customer-facing, allowing them to wear casual clothes is a good decision. When they're comfortable, they're less stressed and more productive. Also, they don't have to spend extra on business clothes.

Flexible working hours

What this promotes: more personal time

This benefit lets employees give equal time for their work and personal commitments. When employees adjust their job schedules, they can better manage stress levels and work deadlines. For example, an output-oriented scheme can let night owls and early birds finish their tasks outside regular working hours. 

Employee engagement activities

What this promotes: conducive work environment

Activities like team lunches, wellness classes, and social events improve engagement drive collaboration and group morale. Tweak your activities according to your business goals. If you want to increase creativity, organize campaigns that train employees to think outside the box. Meanwhile, activities like yoga and sports help employees to be healthier, happier, and more productive.

Food perks

What this promotes: employee satisfaction

Free meals and snacks like fruits and beverages are a small price to pay for making your staff feel appreciated and energized. Think about it; they don't have to shell out money or leave the office to buy food. This benefit sets you apart from competitors and can be a huge opportunity for potential employees.

Early leave on festive days

What this promotes: cultural inclusivity

Because modern jobseekers appreciate employers that uphold diversity, this benefit shows your respect for different cultural backgrounds. By letting employees clock out early on special days, you allow them to participate in the celebration or get home early by avoiding heavy traffic.

Mental health initiatives

What this promotes: overall well-being

Mental health counseling and days off can positively impact your employees' general wellness and work performance. When you recognize your staff's need for mental breaks, they feel fully supported, letting them work efficiently. An engaged workforce is always an asset to your business.

Fitness and entertainment

What these promote: stress relief

Leisure facilities such as gardens, cafés, and game centers can help employees deal with and recover from work stress. If building an in-house gym is not feasible for your company, you can offer gym memberships or partially subsidize them. Your employees will be grateful for this perk, which translates into talent retention for you.

An occasional early leave on a Friday

What this promotes: more family or me time

Make Friday a Fri-yay for your staff by allowing them to leave early at least once a month. We all know how the end of a work week can get stressful during rush hour. Letting your employees leave even at least an hour early can significantly cut down their travel time. This way, they have more time to relax and re-energize.

Sleeping pods in the office

What this promotes: improved work effectiveness

We all know how taking naps improves mental abilities, such as memory, problem-solving, and focus. Sleeping used to be taboo in the office, but it shouldn't be during breaks. When your employees catch up on their ZZZs, they can return to work refreshed and eager to complete their to-do lists.

Jobseeker preferences constantly change, creating a ripple effect on the employment marketplace. To remain competitive, you need to keep your best members on board while enticing the most qualified talent to join your tribe. Try offering these work-life balance perks to ensure business resilience and growth.

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