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Market Insights SEEK Employment trends 10 Reasons Why Employer Branding is One of the Best Tools for Recruitment
10 Reasons Why Employer Branding is One of the Best Tools for Recruitment

10 Reasons Why Employer Branding is One of the Best Tools for Recruitment

Technology has changed the tools for recruitment, making the hiring process faster and more efficient. Examples of such digital tools are job posts on reputable employment portals like JobStreet, and software that lets you screen jobseekers, track their progress, and initiate virtual chats.

But there is another strategy that can improve recruitment, and it’s called employer branding.

What Does Branding Do for a Company?

“Branding” used to be geared toward only consumers. Elements such as your company logo, tagline, and messaging all work to enhance the target market’s perception of your brand. This builds consumer trust and loyalty, and ultimately boosts profits.

But today, employer branding has become an essential recruitment tool, targeting jobseekers looking for more than just satisfactory pay. To improve how current and potential employees perceive your company, pay attention to these aspects:

  • How you treat your employees The human factor has become an important part of job attractiveness. If you treat your workers fairly, they won’t feel the need to look for career opportunities elsewhere. Employee loyalty is a great image-booster, telling jobseekers that you’re a competent employer.

  • Your work setup According to the Decoding the Digital Challenge Report, digital workers prefer work flexibility. This includes a hybrid setup wherein they report in the office a few days a week, while spending the rest on remote work. Work-life balance is also a top preference among modern jobseekers. Also read: Best Digital Jobs to Hire Today According to This Salary Report 

  • Your company values All businesses aim to make money—that’s a given. But outside this profit-oriented thrust, what causes does your company support? Being socially-oriented gives you positive employer branding, especially for those who find meaningful work fulfilling. Also read: New Benefits Employees Will Love You for

10 Ways Employer Branding Can Boost Recruitment

Nowadays, it’s easier for jobseekers to gather information about companies. All they have to do is explore social media, job review sites, and career portals to know what employees are saying about their present or former employers. 

Even within their own network, family and friends may casually post about company team-building activities or office perks. All these shape your reputation a.k.a. employer branding. If someone leaves a negative post or comment, you can be sure that others will see and remember it. Learn how branding can work for you in these ways.

  1. Make your business stand out. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, a big number of businesses have adopted flexible work setups. What was supposed to be a stop-gap measure has become the norm. How do you differentiate yourself from other employers that offer hybrid or remote work? If you get creative with employer branding, your business can outshine the others.

  2. Highlight your social values. The Decoding Global Talent report released by JobStreet in collaboration with The Network and the Boston Consulting Group at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic revealed that Filipinos valued social responsibility among their employers. Issues such as environmental awareness and workplace diversity are important to today’s jobseekers. Moreover, the survey found that 58% of job candidates would avoid companies that weren’t inclusive and eco-friendly.

  3. Showcase your work culture. A true mark of great employer branding is when your employees take the initiative to share their good experiences at work. Word-of-mouth is an effective brand strategy, especially when the stories are genuine. According to the Decoding Global Talent survey, homegrown talents rank work-life balance and maintaining a good relationship with their superiors high on their job wish list. Another effective way to show how well you treat employees? Give feedback to candidate applications. Getting back to jobseekers even if they didn’t make the cut sends the message that you value their time and effort. According to a recent SEEK survey, 43% of applicants say they are unlikely to submit their resume again to a company that ignored them.

  4. Sell your work environment. What do leaky roofs, moldy furniture, and narrow cubicles say about your company? An uncomfortable workspace isn’t conducive to productivity, and tells employees that you don’t value them. Now, companies are smarter, including lounges, gyms, pocket gardens, and relaxation rooms to their amenities. All these promote work-life balance and a genuine regard for employees’ well-being.

  5. Attract top candidates. Thanks to the internet, jobseekers research companies before sending their resumes. If your work culture and environment is desirable, then there’s a better chance of applications starting to pour in. The more candidates you attract, the more choices you have in securing a solid workforce for your business.

  6. Save money. If your company identity is favorable, you don’t have to spend so much money on recruitment. Updating your web page and social pages, and posting a few job ads can translate to big returns. Because some jobseekers value work culture over higher pay, you don’t have to go over the top with salary offers, which should still be competitive despite good employer branding.

  7. Spend less time and effort. With an effective brand, your HR team doesn’t have to spend too much time reaching out to jobseekers. Instead, they can focus on other matters such as strengthening internal relations. When you’re known as an excellent employer, candidates will seek you out instead of the other way around.

  8. Grow the business. Effective recruitment results in a reliable workforce, which is the backbone of business growth. When employees are motivated, they deliver high-quality work. And when your workers only have positive things to say about you, potential clients and customers will also look at you favorably, and consider doing business with you. This leads to more business revenue.

  9. Maintain quality workers. High employee turnover eats into your finances, time, and energy. When workers are constantly leaving, you will need to start over in recruitment, onboarding, and training. It also casts you in an unfavorable light because you can’t seem to satisfy your employees. This is a surefire way to turn off jobseekers.

  10. Prove excellent leadership. A company’s impeccable reputation reflects on its management. These days, CEOs are demystified, appearing in company websites and delivering personal messages to the staff. Business leaders who are in touch with their workers convey an open, employee-centric culture that’s attractive to young jobseekers.

How to Strengthen Your Employer Brand

Here are some ways to spread the news about your company’s unique selling points:

  • Curate your content. Create blog entries and social media posts that show your company culture, recruitment process, job perks and other relevant topics. Take advantage of different platforms such as video, photos, and eye-catching graphics. Your employees are your brand ambassadors, so testimonials from them can boost your image. Also, blogging about your industry contributes to thought leadership.

  • Maximize job ads. JobStreet offers job ads that let you personalize your online space. Aside from a company overview, you can also include an image banner, photos of your work culture, and value propositions that will further convince jobseekers why you’re an excellent employer.

  • Provide growth opportunities. A company that trains its employees and gives them advancement opportunities is a worthy employer. Investing in your workers motivates them, and shows jobseekers how much you value your people.

Start Building a Strong Employer Brand!

For more than 20 years, JobStreet has been helping companies like yours to reach the best candidates. Our own brand of being the recruitment partner of choice is built on a sourcing process that gives us access to exceptional talents, technologies that give us a wide reach, and deep industry knowledge. 

To start off, check out our job ads that fulfill your needs—from filling in-demand roles to improving your employer brand and recruitment process. Check out our job ads today!

LetsGetToWork with an improved workforce! If you’re a first-time hirer, simply register and create a profile to gain access to thousands of talents. To find your next employees, update your company profile in JobStreet and access the Talent Search page. Also, visit our Inspirations page for more expert advice and industry news.

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