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Market Insights Workforce insights Game-Changing Tips For HR Managers: How To Make Yourself Indispensable At Work
Game-Changing Tips For HR Managers: How To Make Yourself Indispensable At Work

Game-Changing Tips For HR Managers: How To Make Yourself Indispensable At Work

What makes a good HR manager?

Strong communication skills, excellent motivational abilities, and of course, undeniable expertise in HR practices are among those that usually come to mind. But you should also ask the questions: Are these good enough to let you keep your job within the next few years? Have you wondered about how to make yourself indispensable at work? How can employees become valuable assets to companies?

Yes, employees. Working alongside company leaders most of the time, one tends to forget that HR professionals are also talents themselves. Like any other member of a company or organization, they get hired for their role and accomplish goals for their team. They also follow a career path for HR managers. So, being one, how can you make sure that you keep yourself growing professionally?

Here are a few ways that you can do this!

How to make yourself indispensable at work

Join training and mentorship sessions

Investing in your own skills never hurt anyone. So first things first — make it a point to let your employer know that you matter by equipping yourself with up-to-date knowledge about the company, the industry, and of course, your job. This can come in the form of training sessions, mentorships, apprenticeships, or independent learning.

No matter if you’re working in a call center, the academe, or even something as small as a start-up food business, acquiring new HR skills and expertise is a must. Besides relevant work know-hows, continuous learning fosters openness, inclusion, and collaboration within your organization. In turn, both you and your company will need these to thrive in this ever-growing world.

Be proactive and make yourself heard

Old and new alike, companies know that there will come a point wherein they will have to modify what they do to fit modern times. In fact, it’s one of the most basic rules of survival for anyone in the industry. In the process, it’s also inevitable for employees, including HR managers, to feel like they are being left out as their bosses make decisions amongst themselves.

It’s the 2020s, and this is a big no-no. Instead, as an HR manager, what you can do is to consistently promote platforms for all employees to lend their voice. Collaborate with CEOs, directors, and presidents and suggest ways on how they can improve their management strategies. And if you really want to go the extra mile, their operations too. 

Distribute surveys or initiate online community forums where every employee can take part in. The more they feel that they have a place to contribute their inputs, the easier it will also be for them to be proactive in their roles later on. And so will you.

Network whenever and wherever you can

If you’re working for a new company, networking will always go a long way when building rapport with other people. This applies to those within and outside your business. Moreover, understand that it doesn’t just take the management to pull this off. Again, employees must also have a role in the process. And that includes you as an HR manager.

Allowing yourself to have workplace and external visibility not only increases the credibility of your company. But also, it shows your bosses that you know the business well enough to let other people know about it. Hence, gain the support that it needs to thrive moving forward, whether it be through added workforce or business partners. If you can do this, you’re more likely to be seen as a much more valuable asset to the company than a typical HR officer.

Strive for excellence, all the time

A good hirer can manage all sorts of talents at any given circumstance by merely following existing standard operating protocols. But so are HR managers who know how to set aside the rule book ever so often, yet still excel at what they do.

Group trainings and mentorships are nice. But you can also take it upon yourself to learn new knowledge outside of what you may already know. And, at your own pace. This gives you more of a chance to contribute something meaningful to your company. At the same time, you are allowing yourself to grow in your own little way. With that being said, why not seek online courses or even scholarships to online schools? After all, learning never ends, even for employers or hirers like HR managers!

Be indispensable with JobStreet Academy

As they say, you should always practice what you preach. Do you want to make the most out of learning opportunities for HR managers? Then, join JobStreet Academy.

JobStreet Academy, in partnership with the Asian Institute of Management (AIM), helps employers and hirers thrive in the modern environment by providing them with useful leadership and management education. They are Business Essentials, Talent Management, and Leadership and Management. Look forward to the following:

  • Flexible learning - At JobStreet Academy, employers and hirers can opt to join a scheduled live workshop or be flexible with provided video resources.

  • Distinguished experts - AIM instructors will be sharing their expertise on how to efficiently operate a business and manage human resources. The pool of instructors includes experts from Nestlé Philippines, the University of the Philippines School of Labor and Industrial Relations, and the Philippine National Bank.

  • Free access - If you’re worried about additional learning expenses, you’ll be happy to know that the courses don’t require you to pay anything or submit financial documents. They’re literally free of charge! In addition to access, companies can also enjoy free job ad postings on JobStreet. This way, you can show the platform’s readers what you’re all about.

  • Unlimited learning - Study as many topics as you want! Note, however, that live workshops only allow a limited number of attendees, so register as early as you can.

  • Courses for everyone - While the Academy caters mostly to employers and hirers, some trainings can also benefit anyone who’s practically employed and looking to enhance their skills for their roles.

Know more about how JobStreet Academy can help you thrive in the workplace amidst these times. If you’re all set, then enroll in JobStreet Academy now!

Turn yourself into a valuable asset to companies

At this point, job sustainability is just as important as the many material perks companies give their employees. As an HR manager or officer, know that you can always improve your value in the workplace so that you too can benefit from it in the long run. If you manage to do this while helping keep your business afloat, then you’ve more than done your job as a key member of the company.

Let jobseekers know that you’re looking to grow your company’s workforce by updating your company profile on JobStreet. Or, use the Talent Search page. For more expert advice on how to help your business succeed, be sure to visit the Inspirations page as well.

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