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Hiring Advice Engaging your workforce 5 things employers can do during a hiring freeze
5 things employers can do during a hiring freeze

5 things employers can do during a hiring freeze

As you stay relevant during a hiring freeze, you increase your chances of attracting relevant job seekers who truly share your company vision.

Stay relevant to your candidates!

Most companies have experienced a downturn due to the coronavirus pandemic. During these shifting times, a hiring freeze has become one of the options to conserve operational resources.

However, being on a hiring freeze does not mean you must put a stop in developing your recruitment methods. On the contrary, the hiring freeze period is the perfect time to upgrade your process! Here are five things employers can do to stay productive.

1. Improve company branding 

During the hiring freeze, it is critical that you keep the company relevant. Utilize this time to improve your online presence. Start with updating your company profile on candidate-trusted job portals such as JobStreet.

To improve company branding, it is important that your profile speaks clearly about what the business is all about. When you have a strong online presence that highlights the heart and mission of the company, you will attract candidates who share the same advocacies as you.

The COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced the desire of candidates for companies with a strong corporate reputation and social responsibility. You can also communicate the efforts your company is doing right now to take care of employees.

Optimize your job ads with the best keywords, so that candidates will immediately discover you once they search for job opportunities. Learn how to optimize your company branding here.

Check out’s COVID-19 Jobs and Resources Hub. This is a useful tool for employers who want to upgrade their relief efforts during the pandemic. 

2. Stay connected with candidates 

It is essential that you keep your connections with potential hires. Once the company is ready to hire again, having an existing pool of candidates will work to your advantage. Start preparing for future openings as early as now, so that you avoid missing out on the hardworking talents out there.

One way to stay connected with candidates is by keeping them updated with what the company is going through. According to the Laws of Attraction survey, transparency is the most sought-after leadership quality in the Philippines. Most candidates will appreciate a company that communicates its struggles and efforts to protect its employees.

If you have canceled several openings but were able to source great talents, consider reaching out to them through e-mail. Update them on the status of the position they applied for. Relay to them the efforts of the company to keep the business going. Your authenticity will most likely keep them interested.

You may also start expanding your network through online efforts. For example, the company can start doing regular webinars. Doing so will showcase the company’s strengths while introducing your brand to an audience who may still be unfamiliar with you.

3. Equip yourself through online courses 

The internet is a chock-full of educational resources—some courses are even available for free! If you have time to spare during the hiring freeze, maximize this period for upgrading your skills and knowledge.

These fast-paced times leave a lot of room for companies and their employers to improve in. Sit down and assess which areas need a further boost. Some questions you can ask yourself are:

  • Do I need to develop my virtual interpersonal skills as a recruiter?

  • Should I upgrade my knowledge with online tools?

  • Are my communication skills polished enough for me to speak with people or agencies at various levels?

  • Is there more I can learn about problem solving?

If you answered yes to any of the questions, then you should definitely check out online courses that will help you build your skills.

During the pandemic, many organizations have been providing companies with free resources. Enroll in online courses or join insightful webinars. Maximize these freebies while you can!

Check out JobStreet Laws of Attraction for free resources and insights for employers. Laws of Attraction is JobStreet’s comprehensive study of over 18,000 Filipino candidates across 25 industries. Through this free platform, employers can determine how to attract and retain the best talents. 

4. Optimize your recruitment process 

Along with the new normal, it has become imperative for companies to learn how to transition to virtual methods. It’s high time to evaluate your current recruitment process: Are you still stuck with traditional methods that no longer serve the company?

Moving forward, technology should be your best friend. Learn how to use it to your advantage. Automate your recruitment process, and save company resources for more essential investments. You may consider pre-recorded video interviews or interview scheduling software. Maximize tools that utilize AI technology.’s newest job searching platform is the perfect tool to optimize your recruitment process. It uses AI technology to connect hirers to the most relevant applicants — saving you the time you’d otherwise use on filtering out resumes.

Digital recruitment is one of the most crucial job trends that companies should learn. After the COVID-19 crisis, the market will immediately become competitive as companies start hiring once more. So make sure that the company keeps up with the latest digital recruitment tools available!

5. Train employees for the new normal 

If you are leaning towards embracing the new normal, make sure your whole team is prepared to work from home. Certify that every employee is staying efficient. If there are people in the company who are still uncomfortable with certain software, train them through internal workshops.

Moreover, equip your team with data protection seminars. With a lot of data being processed from home, training employees in privacy-related matters is crucial. It may be a good idea to provide them with anti-virus programs as well.

Touch base with human resources and talk about new processes you can implement. After finalizing your digital recruitment strategy, proceed with mapping out long-term plans for virtual onboarding of new hires.

As you stay relevant during a hiring freeze, you increase your chances of attracting relevant job seekers who truly share your company vision. Stay on top of your game — better days are coming!

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