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Find top talent quickly with questions for candidates

Find top talent quickly with questions for candidates

Recruitment can be a long and costly process: An unfilled position means lost revenue and a long hiring process can mean losing top candidates. Fast-track and fine-tune your recruitment process with Questions for Candidates—a new, free feature that lets you screen candidates through qualifying questions dynamically recommended to you.

Ten days: that’s how quickly top candidates take themselves off the market.

As you spend time—and lose revenue—going through hundreds of resumes, your ideal candidate could be signing on the dotted line with your competitor.

How can you enhance your recruitment process to identify and contact suitable candidates faster?

The answer? Questions for Candidates.

What is Questions for Candidates?

Questions for Candidates is a new, free screening tool in SiVA Recruitment Center that lets you quickly and effectively evaluate job candidates.

Your questions and preferred answers are set in a Job Ad to help you identify the right candidates faster and more easily. Our system will then automatically rank applicants, matching you with candidates who had the most preferred answers.

How does Questions for Candidates work?

When you create your Job Ad, fill in the following:

  • position title

  • job specialization

  • job role

  • work location

When you complete the job details in your ad, our system will automatically load tailored questions relevant to your job. They may pertain to relevant work experience or specific skills you may require. These questions will come with available answers that you can choose from.

Why should you use Questions for Candidates? 

It’s free, fast, and powerful. It takes you less than a minute to set up this feature, but it will save you valuable processing time. Without going through all the resumes, you’ll be sure that the candidates you select for interviews have the qualifications you require.

A slow hiring process is detrimental to recruitment success. Let the right answers lead you to the best candidates. See how Questions for Candidates can enhance your recruiting process today.

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