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Hiring Advice Hiring process Digital recruitment is the ‘new normal’ – here’s what employers should know
Digital recruitment is the ‘new normal’ – here’s what employers should know

Digital recruitment is the ‘new normal’ – here’s what employers should know

Digital recruitment is the new normal. Here is how the ideal virtual recruitment process looks like in the age of social distancing.

Check out these insider tips for building a stronger digital recruitment process.

Months into the COVID-19 crisis, more and more companies have since been adapting to the “new normal.” Among the many other things that have drastically changed in the workforce is the go-to recruitment process. With virtual interactions becoming the norm, most companies have bid goodbye to many traditional methods.

Digital recruitment is the new normal. But for those of you who aren’t totally on board with this idea yet, here is an easy chart that shows how the ideal recruitment process looks like in the age of social distancing.


While some companies can quickly learn the ropes of digital recruitment, others are having a more difficult time adjusting to the virtual world. Here are some tips on how to redesign your recruitment process during—and even after!—the COVID-19 crisis.

1. Job ads: Learn about job portals 

By now, you’re probably already familiar with job portals or online job boards. In this digital age, most candidates already search for job postings online. It is important that you have online job ads so that you can reach more aspiring applicants.

Aside from the benefit of reaching a wider audience, job portals also help employers through the next steps in the recruitment process.


2. Candidate filtering: Take advantage of AI recruitment tools 

Human resources are vital to the success of any company; so, they need all the help they can get. Encourage a more innovative system in your company through the help of AI recruitment tools! is particularly helpful in filtering applications and shortlisting candidates through application management tools. Through these tools, you can more easily update candidates regarding their application status. After all, it’s important that you don’t keep candidates waiting!

According to JobStreet Laws of Attraction Data Lab, 71.7% of Filipino candidates value feedback on job application status. Meanwhile, 66.3% value fast response from employers (e.g. processing within two weeks).


3. Candidate selection: Maximize video conference apps 

Now that you can’t conduct a face-to-face interview with your candidates, you can start maximizing online tools for video interviews! There are several video conference apps you can choose from—among the most popular nowadays are Skype, Zoom, and Google Meet.


Video interviews have numerous benefits for both you and the interviewee. They are more cost and time-efficient than face-to-face interviews. Generally, having video interviews instead of face-to-face interviews also allows you to interview more candidates.

Other than their obvious benefits, video interviews are also popular among candidates than face-to-face interviews, as per the data from JobStreet Laws of Attraction Data Lab. According to a survey of over 18,000 Filipino candidates across 25 industries, applicants answered that it’s nice to have video call interviews (37.4%) over face-to-face interviews (12.7%) mainly due to convenience for the candidate.


As companies move forward amid the COVID-19 crisis, the digital recruitment process is what every employer needs to master. Even after this crisis subdues, most people are expecting to carry over most of these virtual practices to the “post-COVID-19 normal”.

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