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Top 6 Resilient Jobs And Industries During COVID-19

Top 6 Resilient Jobs And Industries During COVID-19

Despite the global and local effects COVID-19 has wrought, there is still a glimmer of hope that shines through. In the third edition of the Decoding Global Talent report, created by JobStreet, the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and The Network, we discuss in great detail the industries that remain resilient all throughout despite the current times.

Employment Market Summary

It is no surprise that the pandemic has negatively affected the Philippines. As of this writing, 69% of the blue collar sector have been laid off.

In terms of age group, those belonging in the youngest bracket ( IMPACT OF COVID-19 ON PHILIPPINE JOB MARKET


No change or shifted to a different role


Laid off or decreased working hours


Increased work hours


Tip for employers: Despite the fact that there have been layoffs here and there, the percentage for Filipino employees taking on different roles is still fairly high. To decrease retrenchment, you can opt to encourage your employees to upskill.

Not only will it be a great learning experience for them, but it will also benefit your company due to their boosted skills.

Most Affected Industries In The Philippines

The tourism and hospitality industry ranks first as the most affected. 68% of employees under this category have either been laid-off or decreased working time, followed by retail at 50%.



Travel & Tourism




Industrial Goods


Job RolePercentage

Manual Work and Manufacturing




Service Sectors


According to the data, it is evident that the most lay-offs occur with people-facing jobs and industries. For digitalization and automation, such lay-offs occur because of less need to employ people. 

Moreover, the closure of most businesses under this industry results in a domino effect, especially in the industries that follow. 

Most Resilient Industries

While the data can naturally bog you down with regards to employment, it helps to understand the industries that had the opposite effect. These industries comprise a flexibility for remote work, digitalization, and automation options. As a result, they experienced the least impact.





Financial Institutions




Job RolePercentage

Digitalization and Automation


IT and Technology


Science and Research 



Support your employees

While certain actions may be inevitable, here are three ways you can show your support as an employer in these trying times.

Upskill Earlier data in this report shows that 47% of employees take on a different role. Providing these opportunities to them could help in not only taking on more responsibility, but also help them grow in their own career path. 

As your Talent partner, we encourage you to invite your employees to upskill with Luna Academy and FutureLearn. These programs both have short courses for them to upskill and boost for added learnings. 

Provide a safe and healthy space Be it a plan to improve their mental health or providing more work-life balance opportunities, give them a safe space to grow and thrive. 

Be transparent Delivering news during these times can be a challenge, especially if it’s something they do not want to hear. But being honest goes a long way and they need to hear it at some point anyway.

The job market is an unpredictable flow of events, and each day brings about different events altogether. But as long as you keep your employees constantly in check, the road towards recovery won’t be as bumpy. 

Read more about the current state of the job market in the third edition of the Decoding Global Talent Survey report. It’s time to provide opportunities for #JobsThatMatter and finding the right candidates with Talent Search. Encourage your employees to learn and be more by signing up on FutureLearn

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