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Your To-Do List for Building an Attractive Remote Workplace

Your To-Do List for Building an Attractive Remote Workplace

When people first began to work from home at the onset of the pandemic, systems were put in place to accommodate remote work. Video conference calls replaced in-person town halls. Staff relied heavily on apps to collaborate on projects. HR did weekly mental health/team-building activities to keep companies intact.

Now that restrictions are slowly being lifted, the appeal of remote work remains. In fact, according to the latest Decoding Global Talent survey, presented by JobStreet in partnership with The Network and Boston Consulting Group, 49% of Filipinos say they would still like to work from home nearly the whole week.

This flexible work set-up, especially for working parents, is even supported by the Philippines’ Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) Advisory No. 17 where businesses are highly encouraged to adopt WFH or telecommuting arrangements.

As an employer during this unprecedented time in the industry, one of your tasks is to set up a workplace that is attractive to remote workers and prospective employees.

To aid you in this new transition, JobStreet has compiled a list of things for you to consider as you create your remote work model.

Read through the checklist below or download it here.

How to Build an Attractive Remote Workplace

What workers want: Availability of remote work

  • Use web collaborative tools such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Trello, and the G Suite.

  • Enforce open lines of communication among the team during work hours.

  • Provide benefits, such as transportation or meal allowances, for employees in the office.

What workers want: Work-from-home benefits

  • Provide Internet data subscription and resources to set up a home office.

  • Offer flexible work schemes to give allowance for personal days and family time.

What workers want: Work-life balance

  • Build an atmosphere of trust. Workers who are empowered by their employer’s confidence are more productive.

  • Set weekly goals so employees can manage their time more efficiently.

  • Shift to output-based KPIs instead of measuring performance based on work hours.

What workers want: Job security

  • Create opportunities for employees to safely air their concerns.

  • Provide regular skills training to boost staff performance and their value in the organization.

  • Organize regular mental health seminars for the whole team.

What workers want: A feeling of belongingness in the company

  • Have a weekly virtual Friday happy hour where the whole team can play games together, chug down some beers in an e-numan session, or just talk.

  • Build up inter-employee camaraderie with open communication lines.

Learn more about creating a value-based workplace that is attractive to talents by checking out the Decoding Global Talent Report presented by JobStreet in partnership with The Network and Boston Consulting Group.

Setting up a work model that attracts prospective talents and keeps employees happy is possible despite the challenges of remote work. The bottom line is to empower your team with an atmosphere of trust. Additionally, place a high value on continuous learning for everyone, including yourself.

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