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Market Insights Candidate insights Role of HR in Company Growth: Why You Need HR Experts
Role of HR in Company Growth: Why You Need HR Experts

Role of HR in Company Growth: Why You Need HR Experts

From strategic talent acquisition to fostering employee engagement, human Resources (HR) professionals play a vital role in any industry. In the Philippines, the HR landscape is always changing, with trends, technologies, and world events shaping it. So, HR professionals need to be adaptable and proactive to meet the industry and workforce needs. With the right HR professionals, a company can foresee industry and workforce requirements.

Importance of HR Professionals in Business

HR professionals wear many hats, each contributing to an organization's well-being. But, the most important role of HR managers is to align the organization's human resources with its goals. This involves several key responsibilities.

1. Talent acquisition and recruitment

The Philippine job market is back to pre-pandemic levels. Industries like information technology, accounting, admin & HR, and customer service have recovered. Meaning, these industries need professionals who can help identify, attract, and select talent. HR workers ensure the company hires individuals who align with its culture and objectives.

2. Employee development and training

Employees need to continuously upskill and reskill to keep up with the digital transformation in the Philippines. HR professionals design training programs to enhance employee skills, knowledge, and capabilities. They ensure employees remain equipped to meet the evolving demands of their roles.

3. Employee engagement and relations

Employee wellness is one of the top HR trends for 2023. A positive work environment is paramount for employee satisfaction, motivation, and productivity. HR professionals are central in promoting employee engagement. Besides fostering collaboration, they also handle employee relations concerns.

4. Strategic planning and workforce optimization

HR professionals contribute to developing and implementing organizational strategies. They're in charge of workforce planning. They forecast future talent needs and ensure the organization has the right talent to achieve its goals.

5. Performance management and feedback

HR professionals oversee performance appraisal systems to evaluate employee performance. These systems provide feedback and support professional growth. They also establish performance management programs to help employees identify areas for improvement. 

6. Compensation and benefits administration

Attracting and retaining top talent requires competitive and fair compensation and benefits packages. HR professionals manage these programs, ensuring your compensation structures align with market benchmarks.

7. Compliance with labor laws and regulations

Avoiding legal issues entails navigating the complexities of labor laws and regulations. HR professionals stay informed about employment laws. For example, they stay updated with the latest guidelines provided by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE). They ensure compliance with all applicable regulations and minimize legal risks. 

8. Organizational culture shaping and preservation

HR helps shape and preserve the organizational culture. They work to develop a supportive  environment that fosters teamwork and employee satisfaction.

9. Change management and transition facilitation

In times of organizational change, HR professionals guide employees. They address transitions and help them adapt to new processes or technologies. They also ensure that changes align with the strategic direction of the company. Their expertise in change management helps minimize disruption and maintain employee engagement.

10. Succession planning and leadership development

Identifying and developing potential leaders is essential for continuity and sustained success. HR professionals engage in succession planning. They assess talent and provide leadership development opportunities. They also ensure a smooth transition in key positions.

11. Employee health and well-being promotion

HR professionals implement health and wellness programs that promote physical and mental health. For example, they could arrange group exercises or mindfulness sessions during work hours. These initiatives support individual employees and contribute to a healthier workforce. 

12. Diversity and inclusion initiatives

HR professionals are essential in promoting diversity and inclusion at work. Creating a diverse and inclusive workplace reflects more than just societal values. It also brings different perspectives, enhancing creativity and problem-solving. 

HR managers focus on fair hiring, equal opportunities, and initiatives celebrating diversity. By supporting diversity and inclusion, HR professionals bring dynamism and innovation to the workplace culture.

How to Hire Top HR Professionals for Your Company

1. Define your HR needs

Outline the roles you need within your HR team. Identify key areas such as talent acquisition, employee relations, training, and compliance. This initial step provides a deep understanding of the skills and expertise you need.

2. Craft a detailed job description

Develop a job description that outlines the responsibilities, qualifications, and skills required. Attract candidates aligned with your organization's culture.

3. Maximize specialized job platforms

Utilize specialized job platforms like JobStreet. These help reach a broader audience of qualified HR professionals. JobStreet has features such as search filters and screening questions. They streamline the candidate selection process, ensuring a pool of applicants who align with your requirements.

4. Screen resumes for HR roles

Simplify the resume screening process by leveraging the tools provided by job platforms. Use search filters to narrow down candidates based on specific criteria. Employ screening questions to gather relevant information early in the process. This efficiency ensures that you focus on candidates who closely match your needs. 

5. Conduct targeted interviews

Conduct focused interviews to assess candidates' qualifications and cultural fit. Tailor your interview questions to evaluate technical and soft skills. 

6. Assess soft skills and industry experience

Evaluate candidates for essential soft skills, including communication, teamwork, and problem-solving abilities. Additionally, consider industry experience. HR professionals with a background in your specific sector may bring valuable insights.

7. Evaluate technical competencies 

Assess candidates for technical competencies crucial for HR roles. Are they proficient in HR software? Knowledgeable of labor laws? Experienced with HRIS (Human Resource Information System)? Ensure that the selected professionals can handle the technical aspects of their responsibilities.

8. Highlight career growth opportunities

Attract top HR talent by emphasizing your organization's growth and development opportunities. Communicate a clear path for career advancement, ongoing learning, and professional development. A focus on career growth contributes to the appeal of your company to potential candidates.

9. Offer competitive compensation and benefits

Research industry compensation and benefits standards to ensure your offerings are competitive. A competitive package attracts top HR talent. It also reflects your commitment to recognizing and rewarding valuable contributions.

10. Streamline the hiring process

Create an efficient and transparent hiring process to maintain the interest of potential candidates. Communicate the steps involved and provide timely feedback. Also, ensure a smooth transition from the application stage to final selection.

Explore Thousands of HR Professionals

Effective talent management and development will boost your company's success. Hire HR professionals to ensure you are well-equipped for this. 

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