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Hiring Advice Attracting candidates How to Easily Find the Perfect Candidate with Jobstreet
How to Easily Find the Perfect Candidate with Jobstreet

How to Easily Find the Perfect Candidate with Jobstreet

The importance of job portals is evident, especially in today's digital landscape. These centralised platforms connect talented individuals with exciting career opportunities. Say goodbye to the days of sifting through stacks of resumes or manually posting job openings. Job portals have revolutionised the recruitment landscape.  

Job portals act as vibrant hubs. They empower users to create personalised profiles, upload resumes, and effortlessly apply for job postings from various employers and recruiters. With just a few clicks, job seekers can showcase their skills, qualifications, and experiences to catch the attention of potential employers. It's a win-win situation that saves time, energy, and resources for both parties involved. 

With job portals like JobStreet, you can embark on a new era of seamless hiring. So, why settle for mediocrity when you can tap into the limitless possibilities of job portals? Embrace the power of JobStreet today and witness how it can improve your recruitment endeavours. The future of talent acquisition is just a few clicks away! 

Importance of hiring relevant and quality candidates 

When it comes to achieving success, one factor stands above the rest: hiring relevant and high-quality candidates. These exceptional individuals bring a wealth of benefits to your organisation. From heightened productivity and reduced training costs to improved employee retention and long-term triumph, the advantages are simply undeniable.  

By placing top talent at the forefront of your recruitment strategy, you're investing strategically in your employees – a decision that yields significant returns and paves the way for your organisation's enduring prosperity. 

The role of job portals in the recruitment process 

Job portals provide several benefits for companies looking to hire candidates. Aside from enhancing recruitment, they also provide practical candidate management tools. With a diverse user base and targeted candidate searches, job portals present an unparalleled opportunity to find the perfect fit for your organisation. 

With targeted candidate searches, job portals let you find potential employees based on specific qualifications and expertise. With powerful search filters at your disposal, finding the ideal employee becomes a breeze, saving you precious time and resources. 

But the advantages don't end there. Job portals also present a cost-effective alternative to traditional hiring methods. Companies can access a vast pool of potential candidates by offering free or low-cost job postings without breaking the bank. Moreover, these platforms streamline the screening process, automatically filtering out unqualified applicants and allowing you to focus on the most promising candidates. 

How to increase your chances of finding candidates with diverse backgrounds and skill sets 

Job portals have become a powerful tool for hirers on the lookout for talented individuals with diverse backgrounds and skill sets. These platforms level the playing field by promoting equal opportunity and offer invaluable guidance on crafting inclusive job postings.  

By tapping into the data analytics provided by job portals, employers gain a strategic advantage in identifying trends and fine-tuning their recruitment strategies. It's time to harness the immense potential of job portals and revolutionise your hiring process with a diverse and data-driven approach. 

Options for concentrated hiring and screening 

Job posting 

Advertising job openings on a portal such as JobStreet is a good idea because it efficiently screens possible employees. Remember to specify the job title, skills, experience, and education when advertising a job opening.

Search filters 

Job seekers can use advanced search filters on the website to find job openings that match their skills and experience. This helps discard irrelevant job postings. 

Job alerts 

Job seekers can sign up for job alerts to receive notifications about new work postings in the company that match their job preferences. Also, this feature will help job seekers remain up-to-date and apply for relevant job openings. 

Screening questions 

Employers can use screening questions to supplement their job postings. Such questions filter out candidates who don’t meet the criteria. It can provide an efficient and systematic method for narrowing down candidate selection through a job portal.  

A job portal will also help you: 

Identify criteria 

Identify the specific criteria for the position you're hiring. Take note of skills such as qualifications, experience, and location. 

Use advanced filters 

Use a job portal's advanced filters to narrow the candidate selection based on the identified criteria. Apply filters to refine the initial pool of candidates. Experience, education, location, and other relevant factors are standout skills when conducting interviews. 

Keyword search 

Use the job portal's keyword search feature to find candidates with skills and experience related to the job posting. 

Resume matching 

Job portals have a useful feature that matches job seekers' resumes with job postings based on keywords, skills, and experience. This can help employers determine if a candidate's resume is the right match for their company culture. 

Talent pool 

Utilise features such as JobStreet’s talent pool. A good trick to finding qualified candidates is to look for potential employees who have previously applied for job vacancies in similar roles. Choosing candidates with a proven track record in the field also helps. 

Assessments and interviews 

Shortlist the most promising candidates who closely meet your criteria. Conduct additional assessments or interviews using communication tools to narrow the selection further. 


Keep track of the candidates you've reviewed, their qualifications, and any extra notes or impressions you may have. This will help you make informed decisions and compare candidates more effectively. 

How to use job portals efficiently 

Employers rely on job portals to find candidates that match their job requirements. Portals offer many features to help you find suitable candidates for the job. Targeted job listings, search filters, and applicant tracking systems (ATS) are some features of job portals. 

Streamlining the recruitment process through job portals makes it easier for employers to attract suitable candidates. It can also help HR cut unsuitable ones. Job portals boost hiring efficiency, helping employers find the best candidates. 

Why are job portals cost-effective compared to traditional methods? 

Job portals give employers access to a vast talent pool, reducing traditional advertising costs. It also helps sort through resumes and applications in real time. Job portals can also widen your search beyond your local area. Plus, attracting qualified candidates from different locations and backgrounds diversifies your workforce. 

Time efficiency through streamlined processes 

Job portals have emerged as game-changers, capable of bolstering your brand reputation and attracting both active and passive job seekers. These dynamic platforms provide a golden opportunity to showcase your company's unique culture and values, capturing the attention of talented individuals seeking the perfect fit. With innovative features like video presentations and compelling testimonials, job portals equip you with the tools you need to stand out, leaving a lasting impression on potential candidates. 

But that's not all – job portals also offer a range of time-saving functionalities. Automating the screening of resumes and applications is a godsend for busy HR teams, freeing up valuable time. Advanced features like resume scanning and keyword matching swiftly identify the most qualified candidates, ensuring that you focus your efforts on the cream of the crop. Additionally, interview scheduling and team collaboration tools streamline the process, empowering hirers to concentrate on what truly matters: finding and securing top-tier talent. 

Enhanced brand visibility and employer branding 

Companies must stand out and attract top talent. One effective way to achieve this is by leveraging reputable job portals. These portals help showcase your employer brand and provide a platform to communicate your company culture to job seekers far and wide. 

Enter JobStreet, the game-changer in the world of online recruitment. By advertising on JobStreet, you can make a lasting impression with your brand image. Presenting yourself as an attractive option in the job market becomes effortless, thanks to its unparalleled reach and exposure to active and passive job seekers. 

You can demonstrate your company's values and culture to many candidates. Doing so makes you more likely to find individuals who align with your mission and vision. Strong employer branding becomes your secret weapon in attracting top talent – those who are qualified and share your passion for success. 

The importance of leveraging job portals as part of a comprehensive recruitment strategy 

Job portals are crucial in improving recruitment and managing candidates. They offer features that simplify hiring and improve employer-candidate relationships. Employers can use automated job postings to advertise job openings and reach a broad audience of candidates. This process saves time and effort compared to traditional advertising. 

Make sure you are getting the best online visibility by registering with JobStreet. Get instant access to over 14.6 million talents in Philippines. Make full use of our Talent Search and find your dream candidates. You'll learn everything from employment trends to talent acquisition and management. Watch this video to learn more. 

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