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Hiring Advice Hiring process 10 Ways to Boost Your Recruitment and Selection Process to Attract Top Talent
10 Ways to Boost Your Recruitment and Selection Process to Attract Top Talent

10 Ways to Boost Your Recruitment and Selection Process to Attract Top Talent

To ensure your business stays resilient and relevant in a post-pandemic world, you must attract and retain top talent propelling your business to greater heights. According to JobStreet's Future of Recruitment report, Filipino jobseekers are in demand, with 87% receiving multiple job offers yearly. How can you convince candidates to apply? One way is to have a solid recruitment and selection process in place. 

Why it's crucial to follow the hiring process's best practices

Filipinos are big fans of an efficient recruitment process. Based on the JobStreet report, more than half of them are willing to let go of an excellent job offer due to negative experiences during the hiring process. This means it's time to review your recruitment process flowchart to see where you can make improvements.

A well-designed hiring procedure lets you:

Attract the best candidates

Think of your candidates as your customers who want to create positive experiences. When your recruitment process is hassle-free, you make your company more memorable to jobseekers. This way, you also better showcase your organization' culture and values, which according to the Decoding Global Talent report, are highly appreciated by candidates.

Save time and money

With a streamlined process, you're more likely to get successful hires. Because you're targeting specific candidates, you can better choose job ads and promotion strategies. Without a systematic approach, you spend more resources connecting to, attracting, and screening candidates.

Boost employer branding

Employer branding is an effective recruitment tool, but your hiring process also affects it. If your recruitment is smooth and efficient, you also elevate your reputation as an employer. By demonstrating your social values and company culture in recruitment, you stand out from other employers and entice high-quality applicants. Want to strengthen your unique value proposition? Try JobStreet's employer branding services!

Ensure best practices

Constantly improve your hiring process by listening to candidate feedback and implementing best practices. While this keeps jobseekers happy, it also reduces the risk of legal problems and penalties.

10 ways to upgrade your recruitment and selection process

Desirable compensation packages that offer competitive pay, good work-life balance, and various benefits can help you land high-potential candidates crucial to your business. But if your recruitment leaves much to be desired, jobseekers' negative experiences will turn off other candidates. To boost your chances for hiring success, follow these tips:

1. Put yourself in the jobseeker's shoes

Which parts of the process can you shorten and refine? Look at it through a candidate's eyes, and you're sure to spot areas for improvement. Always remember that applicants assess you as much as you evaluate them. Recruitment is a two-way street, so make an excellent first impression.

2. State the salary range 

The Future of Recruitment report reveals that the salary range is the first information jobseekers look for in a job ad. Why? This shows a sense of transparency, which candidates value. By giving them an idea of their wages, you help them save time, make a decision, and manage expectations.

3. Craft a compelling job ad

Aside from including the salary range, keep your job ads clear and direct to the point. Steer clear of complex terms that may confuse readers. Ensure that the job description, work culture, and benefits stand out. To help you reach your target candidates, Jobstreet offers customized job ads that address your unique hiring needs. From filling non-urgent roles to increasing candidate reach and getting priority listings, Jobstreet's job ads ensure free and instant access to the country's largest talent pool.

4. Spread the word about your company

In this high-tech age, where more Filipinos rely on the internet for information, it's a crucial mistake to neglect your corporate website and social media profiles. Ensure compelling copy and on-point visuals, including company colors, logos, and photos demonstrating your credibility, core values, and culture. Keep your content fresh and appealing, encouraging engagement with candidates and potential clients.

5. Care for your current employees

Keeping your employees content and fulfilled lets you reduce turnovers and costs in hiring and training new workers. How can it elevate your hiring process? Word-of-mouth is an impactful brand strategy. Satisfied employees who say good things about your company will likely encourage those in their network to send in their applications. According to the recruitment report, jobseekers are more likely to consider a company recommended by their friend.

6. Keep the process personal With today's widespread automation, you'd think that modern jobseekers are more open to job interviews that use chatbots, AI, and video recordings. But the recruitment report says otherwise; candidates still prefer the human touch. While most respondents prefer personal job interviews, more Filipinos are open to online interviews and digital personality tests than the global average, perhaps due to the rise of remote work.

7. Be open to negotiation

According to the recent Future of Recruitment study, almost 80% of Filipino jobseekers feel they're in a position to negotiate, so being inflexible with your terms and conditions may backfire on you. Remember that today's candidates are highly sought-after, which means they expect you to be open to negotiation. Listen to their demands, and devise an arrangement beneficial for both parties.

8. Know what jobseekers want

The recruitment report mentions that work-life balance is a top deal-breaker aside from salary. It may be time to rethink your current work setup, integrating remote and hybrid arrangements in your operations. Knowing what candidates want gives you an edge over other hirers. This way, you can tailor your job descriptions and recruitment techniques according to jobseekers' preferences and interests. Your hiring process obtains better results when you attract suitable candidates.

9. Engage in honest conversation

Jobseekers appreciate your honesty during the job interview. When you connect with the interviewee and don't oversell the job, you help build trust and clarify expectations. Genuine interview questions beget genuine answers. When interviewees are honest, you better gauge if they're a cultural fit for your company. 

10. Update candidates after the interview

The recruitment process doesn't end with the job interview. Even if the candidate didn't make it, be professional and send them a courteous rejection letter. Let the applicants know if the screening process takes longer than promised. If you're waiting for the candidate to accept your offer, you can still call and express your continued interest in them. Based on the recruitment report, jobseekers see your responsiveness as a sign of competence.

Update your recruitment and selection process now!

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