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Find the right candidates, even with free job ads

Find the right candidates, even with free job ads

Have you ever found yourself on a forked path during your recruitment process: Should you go ahead and post that free job advertisement but has limited reach? Or should you accept the additional expenses so as not to sacrifice quality over price? But what if there is another way to help you get over this recruitment roadblock, allowing you to post job ads for free but with outstanding results?

Yes, it is possible to go down that road with JobStreet Lite Ad. This new JobStreet feature aims to help kickstart your recruitment and selection process without the unnecessary hurdles of extra costs and restrained results.

JobStreet Lite Ad comes at the right time when companies in the Philippines are starting to bounce back from the pandemic. Recruitment is beginning to gain traction once again among younger candidates as they seek more purpose-driven openings in the employment market. At the same time, businesses are still managing their expenses so costly job advertising rates are deemed intolerable.

The balancing act becomes possible through JobStreet Lite Ad. The feature gets you both the right candidate and the ease of experience for no additional costs. Here, find more perks that this nifty product can offer and how else JobStreet Lite Ad can help hiring companies.

Gain access to a talent pool like no other

Based on the Candidate Survey 2020 conducted by a third-party research agency and JobStreet Internal Data, JobStreet remains to be the first choice among Filipino job seekers. The portal continues to be top of mind among Filipinos who are actively searching for employment, giving hirers more options to hire the best fit for their company.

The same survey suggests that up to eight million candidates are searching for jobs in JobStreet monthly during the pandemic. Imagine gaining access to millions of options to fill a lack in your organization. JobStreet’s experience through the years makes this possible as it continues to attract candidates with high potential. Lastly, JobStreet has turned out to be the most searched site for career partners, proving the trust the site has built within its talent pool and among its hirers.

Fill organization gaps instantly

With access to 12 million registered candidates on JobStreet in the Philippines in the Philippines, hiring companies can easily fill gaps within the organization by simply registering, posting a job advertisement through JobStreet Lite Ad, and sifting through the many candidates.

Lite Ad is recommended for easy-to-fill talents, such as retail banking officers, data entry personnel, design drafters, and even kindergarten teachers. It is just as advisable to use for non-urgent positions, including IT support and helpdesk crew, front office personnel, receptionists, secretaries, personal assistant, and housekeeping staff.

Post job advertisements with ease 

A well-crafted job advertisement makes attracting the best candidates possible. As such, it is crucial to explain the job listing properly, describe the company and the environment within, and even expound on the benefits of the job. The position title and level, work location, monthly salary, education level, required skills and experience are some of the items potential candidates look at when considering a job posting.

Using JobStreet Lite Ad allows this to be done with extra ease via a very friendly job advertisement composer. This ensures that no important details are left out and the job ad is well optimized. JobStreet Lite Ad also offers powerful candidate management tools, making the entire recruitment process even more stress-free.

How long will it take for you to post an actual job advertisement? All you need is five minutes. With the help of JobStreet Lite Ad’s comprehensive tools, you get to make that job posting as convenient as possible.

Spend not a single centavo

It is all for free. The advertisement composer, the comprehensive tools, the posting--all free. Signing up for a JobStreet account and availing of JobStreet Lite Ad does not entail any fees or hidden costs, with absolutely no commitment required.

You would not even need to input credit card details to access your account or make use of the Lite Ad credits. You can, however, avail of Branded Ad if you plan on targeting candidates for more competitive positions within shorter periods of time. Otherwise, you can stick with Lite Ad and access all key features without shelling out a single centavo.

Enjoy extended reach 

While others run ads for just a few days or a couple of weeks, JobStreet Lite Ad allows for job postings of up to 30 days on the largest job marketplace in the Philippines. Yes, ads are visible to the public for a whole month from the day of publication. This allows for maximum potential, reaching as many talents as possible to fill your need. Aside from that, the job ads are also seen on multiple channels, including the JobStreet Lite Ad and the mobile app.

What happens after 30 days? Hopefully you already have a promising set of talents to take in. You will also get free JobStreet Lite Ad postings, allowing you to upload another job advertisement for free. Lite Ad credits reload at least every month at no additional cost.

JobStreet Lite Ad offers convenience and efficiency so companies can focus their attention on more important stages of the recruitment process. With a well-crafted job advertisement, made possible with JobSteet Lite Ad, you should be well on your way towards attracting the best candidates for key positions in your company. You deserve nothing less during these times.

Attract the best candidates for your business via Talent Search. Sign up to access the largest talent database in the Philippines and even get instant talent recommendations upon posting a job ad. Make sure you are crafting listings with the help of data through the Laws of Attraction portal. And gain more expert insights and industry news at our Covid-19 Jobs and Resources Hub.

At JobStreet, we believe in bringing you #JobsThatMatter. As a Career Partner, we are committed to helping all jobseekers find passion and purpose in every career choice. And as the number 1 Talent Partner in Asia, we connect employers with the right candidates who truly make a positive and lasting impact on the organisation.

Discover Jobs That Matter. Visit JobStreet today.

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