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How to avoid losing new employees in the first 6 months

4 Tips to Attract the New Wave of Talent: Gen-Z

Hiring a project-based employee: Your starter guide

Hiring Hacks

Quick tips for easier hiring

When it comes to hard-to-fill roles, speed is of the essence. If you foresee such hirings, it pays to have Branded and Premium Ads ready-to-hand. Pre-purchase these strong performing ad types at a better price with Ad Budget.

Data Express

Actionable market insights at your fingertips

Find out hiring trends in Phillipines for FREE. Phillipines’s Compensation & Benefits report is the definitive report to guide your hiring plans.

Candidate Connect

Know your candidate to stay ahead

Enhance your compensation and benefits strategy by conducting more frequent and comprehensive reviews. Many companies only focus on factors like salary benchmarking and evaluating pay guidelines but there is room for more proactive measures. Use benefits benchmarks to conduct simple internal surveys to gauge employee sentiments and needs. These cost-effective and efficient methods can significantly contribute to improving your compensation and benefits structure. Learn more.