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Market Insights Candidate insights What Global Filipino Talents Look For In Remote Employment
What Global Filipino Talents Look For In Remote Employment

What Global Filipino Talents Look For In Remote Employment

Diversity is an asset to every company. Not only does it champion inclusion in your corporate culture, but it also brings fresh ideas and new perspectives to the table that can push companies to do better. But when it comes to finding global talent, where exactly do you start? 

The surge in remote working has made it possible to connect even more employers and employees working in completely different countries. It seems even when it comes to remote employment, the Philippines is still a top work destination for Belize, Cuba, Brunei, Palestine, Togo, Canada, Afghanistan, Andorra, Antigua & Barbuda, and Argentina. Filipino talents are also very open to working remotely for a foreign employer, at a high 49% of those surveyed. Countries that top the list for Filipino talents looking for remote employment are: Australia, Canada, United States, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, United Kingdom, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, and Germany. 

All of this is good news for anyone seeking to hire Filipino talents as a global resource. The Philippines has two economic pillars: BPOs and remittances according to the Oxford Business Group. With the Philippines as a major hub for global outsourcing, multinationals and similar companies can benefit from this. Your company is well-suited to attract amazing Filipino talents to remote employment if you have an excellent remote working infrastructure. 

Now you know where to look, it’s time to tackle what to look for. Or more precisely, what a potential talent will look for in you. The pandemic has changed the priorities of many workers around the world and based on the report, these are the most important elements for global talents in the time of coronavirus. 


What Do Global Filipino Talents Look For In Remote Employment?

Good relationships with colleagues Interpersonal relationships at work remain a top priority for global talents, who understand that corporate culture is defined by the people within the company. Positive, healthy, and productive relationships between colleagues is a must as it implies that the environment is conducive to collaboration and productivity. Good relationships with colleagues not only ensure your growth, but they also ensure your network. 

A good relationship with superior Many teams now are composed of people from different countries. Workers nowadays are placing more importance on their superiors, many of whom also act as mentors. Filipinos in particular have that natural desire to build a good mentoring relationship with their bosses, whether local and foreign. Leadership in any company is a sign of a healthy corporate culture that values all workers in the team, regardless of rank. Management can make or break talent, so healthy relationships with superiors is a top priority for global talents seeking not only leaders but also mentors. 

Good work-life balance The best companies value their employees‘ lives beyond work, which is why work-life balance is high on the list of important factors for global talents. In a time when remote work is booming, it can be easy to lose track of the line between work life and regular life, and plenty of employees are working overtime as a result. You know you’re working for the right company when it cares more about your work-life balance and mental wellbeing than productivity or outputs. These are the companies that see employees as people and not just cogs in the machine. 

Financial compensation The highest-ranking practical factor for global talents is, as expected, financial compensation. To make sure you are attracting the best global Filipino talent, offer a good and competitive package. This is where an excellent remote working infrastructure is crucial. You should be able to provide support in the technical aspects of their remote employment: strong data signal, hardware, and software. Filipino talents place prestige on being associated with a foreign company, so be sure their paycheck reflects this well.

Financial stability of the employer The pandemic has put everyone and everything on edge, including the economy. Businesses are closing left and right, unable to handle the restrictions and disruptions caused by COVID-19. That’s why, unsurprisingly, the financial stability of an employer plays a big role for potential global talents. Financial stability promises that your salary and your longevity in the company won’t be affected and that your company won’t suddenly fold as many did worldwide during the pandemic. 

With this knowledge in hand, you’ll have an easier time narrowing down your search for the global talents you wish to join your company. Start your Talent Search now on JobStreet and allow the platform’s smart search to find your company’s best matches. 

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