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Top 5 Tips for Setting Up Your Virtual Talent Pool

Top 5 Tips for Setting Up Your Virtual Talent Pool

In the Philippines’ post-COVID market, many talent acquisition strategies have become virtual. A digital process is physically safer to use and easier to track.

A joint global study by Boston Consulting Group and The Network with JobStreet affirms the benefits of developing a virtual talent pool. According to the study, when employers build this virtual pool of qualified candidates, you open up your recruitment efforts to a wider network, as well as reduce relocation, payroll costs, and help improve diversity. 

Because it is all online, it will be easier to tap your pick when you are ready to hire. Additionally, through your virtual talent pool, you can raise brand awareness in all the relevant circles.

How do you set up a talent pool efficiently? Get some help from Jobstreet with leveraging big data, AI, and other talent sourcing tools to help you build your talent pool. See exactly what you can do with these solutions:


Set up your employer profile with JobStreet today. Then begin attracting top talent to join your virtual pool.

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