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Market Insights SEEK Employment trends Data insights: What the PH job market looks like during the pandemic
Data insights: What the PH job market looks like during the pandemic

Data insights: What the PH job market looks like during the pandemic

Real talk, nothing less.

The Philippine job market during the pandemic 

The coronavirus pandemic has brought about an irregular workforce situation. To curb the rapid spread of the virus, most of the Philippines was forced to enter a community quarantine unprepared. As a result, businesses and individuals have since been struggling to survive.

Nevertheless, there remain industries that thrive amid this global crisis. We see that these industry trends in the Philippine job market will continue in the post-pandemic world.



Thriving people-oriented services 

Despite the surge of technology, people remain at the heart of the Philippine job market.

Customer Service 

Customer Service remains as the top in-demand field in the country. In fact, some reports state that the pandemic has brought an even higher need for Customer Service workers. It's almost inevitable that this field will continue to flourish even when the pandemic subdues.

Workers in the Customer Service field desire a clear career path in a job. To increase the retention of these workers, make sure to provide development opportunities for them.

Learn more about the key drivers of attraction for Customer Service workers here.

Healthcare - Nurse/Medical Support & Assistant 

The pandemic has emphasized the importance of healthcare workers in any situation. Included in this field are doctors, nurses, medical support and assistants, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals. Needless to say, employees in this field will only continue to be in demand—especially when the world returns to normal.

For healthcare workers, salary and compensation are the top key drivers of attraction. As for hiring in this field, local companies must offer a globally competitive rate to help attract and retain talents.

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Even while traditional schools are at a halt, learning never stops. Since the quarantine has become a global trend, more companies have had the opportunity to connect with people from the other side of the world.

Communication has become a more vital skill now than ever before. Nowadays, ESL jobs are on the rise—especially since the work-from-home scheme has become the new normal.

Struggling services during the pandemic 

The biggest industries hit by the coronavirus pandemic are those who have limited chances to adapt to a world with limited mobility. Included here is the Security/Armed Forces/Protective Services, which previously ranked as the 12th most in-demand job pre-quarantine. Since the pandemic ensued, organizations have deprioritized this field to the 26th ranking.

Meanwhile, the field of Arts/Creative/Graphics Design moved down 13 ranks during the quarantine. Before the pandemic, the field was the 22nd most in-demand job. Now, it sits in the 35th place.

Still, hope remains in industries such as these. Employers may still find ways to transition workers in these fields towards positions that are still relevant in a post-pandemic era.

Transitioning towards remote 

Along with the promotion of JobStreet’s #SanaOL campaign for displaced Filipino workers, the platform has seen a staggering growth in candidates seeking remote opportunities since the start of the quarantine.

JobStreet has seen an 88% increased search for work-from-home jobs, a 79% increased search for home-based jobs, and a 94% increased search for freelance jobs since the ECQ was announced.


The number of aspiring remote workers has increased across the Philippines. Most of them are candidates from Manila and Cebu. As of writing, Manila and Cebu are also the regions in the country with the highest COVID-19 cases. This said, they are also under stricter quarantine protocols than other areas in the Philippines.



Without a doubt, there are numerous industries and specializations struggling because of the pandemic. However, these trends show how dipping industries can rise against this crisis.

It can be foreseen that candidates will seek stability through positions that offer work-from- home, freelance, or part-time opportunities. Other fields, such as the Arts/Creative/Graphics Design specialization, may also consider partnering with booming sectors moving forward.

Now more than ever, companies should invest in improving their company to adapt to the “new normal.”

Take steps towards creating an effective business continuity plan. Revamp your digital recruitment process. Upgrade your company branding.

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