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5 trending jobs in the new normal

5 trending jobs in the new normal

COVID-19 has caused changes in the way people live, how employees work, and how businesses operate. In this new normal, local companies are hiring for roles previously not as sought-after—or even non-existent.

From workplace safety and technical support to supply chain management, these roles have become necessary for businesses to remain productive, comply with government-mandated guidelines, or serve a bigger market.

Here is a list of currently trending roles in the Philippines in the time of COVID-19. For each, we discuss job descriptions and how they can add value to your business. We have also included salary ranges, dependent on position level and organization size, based on our data taken from January to October 2020.

Go through each role to see if your company would benefit from having them in your organization.

Salary range: PHP15,000 - PHP130,000

Most training programs and development courses have moved online to comply with mass gathering guidelines. It has become necessary then to reshape learning modules so that they remain as effective online as they were in physical spaces.

What they do:

As stated in their job title, instructional designers, in essence, find and design the best ways to deliver instructional material to its audience to achieve the best learning outcomes. As instructors focus on the subject matter, instructional designers focus on how the subject matter is delivered.

Their responsibilities include building learning models, creating engaging learning material, giving advice for best practice techniques, and designing assessment tools to measure the effectiveness of a course.

Why they should be your next hire:

Instructional designers work alongside your training team to bring high-quality and enriching learning experiences for your employees even if they are working from home. Aside from designing training programs for current employees, instructional designers can also play a crucial part in creating a strong onboarding process for new hires.

For example, they will be able to design a learning management strategy that, depending on the topic, will be either synchronous and asynchronous—online live sessions with an instructor or modules to be completed by new employees on their own time. They will also be able to mold the program depending on the audience—say for either creatives, highly-skilled professionals, or new graduates. An effective virtual onboarding process is even more important now because of WFH policies.

Salary range: PHP9,500 - PHP331,500

As mandated by law, every employer is required to implement all necessary safety and health programs in the workplace. With the global pandemic, this now includes measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

What they do:

All businesses should have an established Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Committee—of which the safety officer is a part of. Safety officers “oversee enforcement and monitoring of the minimum public health standards for COVID-19 prevention in the workplace” as stated in Joint Memorandum Circular (JMC) No. 20-04, or the Supplemental Guidelines on Workplace Prevention and Control of COVID-19, released August this year.

Take note that a safety officer's duties are not limited to the COVID-19 guidelines. Safety officers are crucial in workplaces that have heavy equipment, for example. However, demand for this role has increased as employers do their best to ensure the safety of their employees.

Why they should be your next hire:

Consider hiring an additional safety officer whose duties focus on those relating to the disease. This will be someone who

  • suggests and implements COVID-19 guidelines and strategies specific to your workplace and business

  • conducts COVID-19 prevention training for employees

  • is knowledgeable in protocols and procedures such as if an employee tests positive for the disease

Salary range: PHP11,500 - PHP400,000

This role differs from a safety officer as its duties do not necessarily cover health and safety. But as businesses operate during the COVID-19 pandemic, this may cover their scope of responsibilities as well.

What they do:

A compliance officer ensures regulations, protocols, and policies are being followed by the company that employs them. To do so, they are typically responsible for obtaining and processing legal requirements such as clearances, permits, and licenses necessary for the operation of the business. They also conduct risk assessments and prepare action plans to address possible shortcomings.

Why they should be your next hire:

Why are compliance officers necessary? Apart from serious health risks, a disregard for COVID-19 guidelines can bring unwanted consequences to the business. Companies found to be non-compliant will be issued a temporary closure order. This will only be lifted once the establishment has fully complied with the minimum health protocols, per JMC No. 20-04.

Salary range: PHP10,550 - PHP130,000

Connectivity has become more important than ever. Many employees now work from home and businesses are ramping up their online services and presence. This is where the work of a network administrator comes in.

What they do:

A network administrator ensures that a business' computer network—the systems that connect the computers in an organization to each other—is running as it should. You may have heard of local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), and intranets.

This role is also tasked with installing and maintaining the internet connection of the computers in an office. It is a network administrator's responsibility to keep all these networks secure, up-to-date, and operating at their best.

Why they should be your next hire: 

Many businesses are now relying heavily on connectivity due to movement restrictions and work-from-home arrangements. It is commonplace to have meetings and conferences conducted over Zoom or Google Meet. A strong online presence has become crucial for establishments as customers learn and get their info about businesses via the internet. Food delivery, shopping for goods, concerts and performances, and a wide range of other services are expanding online as well.

A network administrator provides the support your organization needs to stay connected with your employees and customers during, and even after, the pandemic.

Salary range: PHP8,000 - PHP28,600

“The last several months of pandemic has moved companies that would have never thought about home delivery into that service. This has created a new term: the ‘Stay at Home’ economy,” says BusinessMirror columnist John Mangun. In this “Stay at Home” economy, many Filipinos have embraced online ordering as a new means of purchasing goods.

What they do:

To adapt, more and more businesses are finding ways to provide online shopping avenues and home delivery services to their customers. With this comes the rise in demand for warehouse staff whose responsibilities include processing orders, ensuring timely delivery of goods, and taking inventory.

Why they should be your next hire:

If your company sells fast-moving consumer goods—everything from groceries and clothing to cleaning products and office supplies—consider going online if you have yet to. Not only will it move products, but it can lower overhead costs as well, says Mangun.

So, considering hiring roles for our new normal. These roles will expand the range and reach of your business, improve overall performance, and enable you to thrive amid changes in the workplace and consumer behavior. Plus, it not only brings in talent with skill sets that support your business but also provides jobs to Filipinos who may have recently lost theirs.

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