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5 Government-Mandated Benefits Your Employees Can Take Advantage Of During COVID-19

5 Government-Mandated Benefits Your Employees Can Take Advantage Of During COVID-19

Containing the spread of COVID-19 is an ongoing task. The country continues to combat the cases that rise daily through a collective effort. Such contributions come from the private sector, the citizens, and the public sector in different ways.

But while community quarantine regulations have shifted, there is only so much a lockdown can do. The economy is suffering because of the continued restrictions. 

To cater to strict safety regulations, a domino effect ensues, where businesses close up shop. In turn, unemployment rates continue to steadily rise as opportunities present themselves in the slimmest of windows. 

The question that burns in the minds of people right now is, “How do we recover?” 

Financial assistance for SME businesses

SMEs who wish to have financial assistance can apply to the following programs:


Government financial institution LANDBANK provides a large-scale financial loan program for SMEs. Employers are entitled to a certain financial allocation on flexible payment terms. 


The COVID-19 Assistance To Restart Enterprises (CARES) program allows MSMEs to borrow between one hundred to two hundred thousand pesos at a time. The only provision to qualify is to ensure that their current assets do not exceed three million pesos. 

MSME Credit Guarantee Program

Headed by PhilGuarantee Corporation, companies can borrow from any BSP-regulated financial institution. This is their response to combat the pandemic’s effects on their economic welfare. 

How can the government help your employees?

The challenge still lies in the hands of the employer when it comes to their people. Countless health and safety reminders can only do so much. While prevention is still better than cure, it is better to be prepared for anything that comes your way. 

One of the primary expenses an employer can incur is manpower. This includes your employees’ remuneration, whether that be in cash or in kind. More than an expenditure, your people are your main responsibility. And now more than ever, it is your primary duty to care for them in all aspects: physical, mental, and emotional. 

But what if said care is completely out of your control? This is where the government benefits for employees come in. They have programs that your employees can avail of themselves if the situation is beyond your capacity of assistance. 

It is more than just merely cashing in SSS or Pag-Ibig. There are specific benefits they can take advantage of during these times. However, it is one thing to know and another to inform. You have to ensure that the word gets out about these so that your employees can prepare ahead of time. 

The top 5 government-mandated benefits

So what are they? We share five of them below:

SSS Sickness and Funeral Benefits

Your company may have HMO or health insurance in its arsenal. But the monthly deductions to the SSS program have a lot to offer too. Here, we tackle two of them.

Sickness Benefits

While it is dependent on your immune system, the length of COVID-19’s stay is 14 days. Even then, this is still an average timeline. For severe cases that involve hospitalization, a month is not out of reach. On the other hand, a company’s median number of sick leaves is around 10-16. This also depends on the rank or tenure of a person. Moreover, sick leaves are not sectioned off for particular illnesses. What does this mean? Your days off serve for any kind of ailment, whether minor or major. So what happens if your employee exceeds their number? Here is where this benefit comes into play. Availing employees receive a benefit equivalent to 90% of their average daily salary credit. Not only that, the maximum period they can avail is 120 days annually, for up to 2 years. What are the qualifications? You must be out sick for at least four to six days with COVID-19. Not only that, all sick leaves must be used up prior to application. Lastly, employees must have paid at least 3 SSS contributions the first year before contingency. Funeral Benefits

Beneficiaries of the deceased SSS members can receive a funeral grant of Php 20,000 to Php 40,000. The provided amount will again depend on the average monthly salary contribution of the member in question. How do you know if they can avail? They must have been able to contribute to their monthly SSS deduction consistently up until the time of death.

Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps) 

Also known as Republic Act 11310, program beneficiaries receive both money and in-kind subsidies. Specifically, each benefitting family receives Php 750 cash grant and Php 600 for rice. But for COVID-19, each household receives an emergency assistance fund ranging between Php 3,650 to Php 6,650. On the other hand, non-beneficiaries receive Php 5,000 to Php 8,000. Both categories will receive differing exact amounts due to the minimum wage in the region.

Employees’ Compensation 

Spearheaded by the Employees’ Compensation Commission, the program provides funds for employees who are diagnosed with COVID-19. Such include loss of income, medical, death, and funeral benefits. Aside from these, employees also receive cash assistance of Php 10,000 or Php 15,000 for sickness or death, respectively.

PAG-IBIG Calamity Loan 

As if we have enough things to worry about, calamities come into play. Typhoons barrage yearly, but this loan provides coverage especially to the severely affected. Members who qualify for this program can borrow up to 80% of their regular savings at 5.95% per annum. The said savings account includes their contributions, their employers’, and accumulated dividends. In order to get hold, you may accomplish the given form and submit either online or through their satellite offices.

Home Isolation Package

Spurred by government insuring body PhilHealth, this program covers benefits for those isolating at home. Most hospitals nationwide are already reaching maximum capacity, with little to no space available as cases rise. This program serves as a response to that. Patients who are either weathering mild or asymptomatic cases receive financial coverage. The amount is dependent on the contributions made and according to the subsequent guidelines. Healthcare workers under this program are also entitled to extra benefits like hazard pay for their service. However, this package is applicable only to surge areas or places with high COVID-19 risk. Other than that, PhilHealth also has a special COVID-19 benefit. For those afflicted with the virus, hospitalization fees are covered but are dependent on the severity of the cases.

Holding responsibility for your company members does not only mean paying them on time. It also means ensuring that their work experience does not compromise their health. These times are unpredictable and fluid. Some days may prove to be a challenge. What is the best thing you can do? Ease their woes as much as possible. That includes keeping them abreast of what is currently happening and educating them on the rights they have

If you do this for them, their appreciation for you will surely go a long way. After all, any small action for their benefit will make a world of difference. Not only that, but your turnovers will lessen. Trust us when we say so. 

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