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Hiring Advice Attracting candidates What over 90k Global Jobseekers Want You to Know
What over 90k Global Jobseekers Want You to Know

What over 90k Global Jobseekers Want You to Know

The war for talent is still on

Despite economic uncertainties ahead, businesses around Asia are still grappling to fill the talent gap in the labour market - talent shortage is real.

What do respondents really want in the jobseeking process?

To find out, SEEK Asia, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), and The Network collaborated on a global talent survey involving over 90k jobseekers, across 160 countries. The Philippines is represented by 11,438 respondents. 

"If the offer is attractive, the recruitment process doesn’t matter - FALSE"

The survey addressed the gap between jobseekers and employers to give the latter better clarity – it delves deep into the hiring process by asking jobseekers:

  • How frequent they are approached with job offers

  • How do they perceive their negotiation power 

  • What’s their preferred working arrangement - remote, in-office, or hybrid

  • What matters throughout the recruitment process

All these questions have unearthed strong insights to boost hiring strategies.

"Once the offer is sent, companies just need to wait - FALSE"

Talent is in demand and they know it

Employers by now should accept it’s an employees’ market. The figures are sobering - 75% of jobseekers are approached with job opportunities multiple times a year, in the Philippines, 29% of them are approached on a monthly basis.


What candidates want from you?

Money and work-life balance are the top deal breakers, but companies should look closely at other factors as well. Compared to their global counterparts, jobseekers in the Philippines care more about retirement contributions, free meals, and family support services. 


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