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The dangers of unsafe websites in hiring

The dangers of unsafe websites in hiring

The internet has become a valuable resource for hirers and candidates alike to find new job opportunities. In the case of the community quarantine, where else will talents turn to look for a job but online? Digital platforms assist hirers, helping the right jobseekers to find you.

That said, not all platforms are created equal. Social media lacks structure and the ability to verify candidates’ information. Jumping from one social media platform group to another; to find a few possibly qualified candidates is tiring and time-consuming. Freemium websites, on the other hand, hinder transparency of information from both jobseekers and hirers.

It is necessary to choose a trusted website that sufficiently provides your talent sourcing needs while keeping your company and personal information safe. Learn how to minimize the risks of hiring online while achieving recruitment success with a secure digital job platform.

A security digital job platform weeds out unverified candidate applications.

When anyone can submit their application, you could be setting yourself up for certain dangers such as fraud, theft, or even espionage without proper identity verification. The proliferation of fake accounts and falsified documents can make it easier for fraudsters to fake their credentials and background, even when you have performed your background check.

Employers who value quality and efficiency need to partner with a secure digital platform that connects legitimate candidates to employers. These digital platforms conduct verification checks on users who sign up, ensuring that the information and credentials of the talents and hirers on their digital platform are all true and correct.

It allows talents to trust your job ads.

Top companies in the Philippines should know where to look for the best talents, and it only follows that they would be on a prestigious digital platform that prioritizes identity vetting.

Conversely, a secure platform allows serious candidates to trust your job ads as legitimate. While job hunting, candidates may learn more about your organization by accessing your company profile and ratings, which allows them to know more about your history and reputation. It increases your company’s chances of attracting quality talents.

It connects you with the right talents.

Social media may help you get the word out there, but it can be tedious and inefficient to weed through several applications to shortlist a few potential candidates.

A secure digital platform allows you to filter out the clutter, so you can connect with relevant talents that match your job ad’s requirements and improve your chances of hiring the right candidate by getting in touch with them directly.

Looking for the right talents entails more than a single approach. Hirers employ multi-sourcing to find these talents, a practice that mixes job ads and talent searching with getting in touch with them directly. How do you ensure a smooth and efficient hiring process while making sure you are sourcing the right candidates? An ideal way is through supporting and enhancing human intuition and judgment with an Artificial Intelligence or AI program.

With JobStreet’s Total Talent Search, you gain access to our AI Smarter Search, wherein candidates and job ads are matched together based on their profile and behavior while on the JobStreet website.

Once you post a job ad, Talent Search’s integrated sourcing provides you with immediate talent recommendations, done through job alerts sent via e-mail and through the JobStreet mobile app. A quick shortlist of potential candidates is created on JobStreet’s database, making the shortlist process more efficient and with minimal effort.

As an employer, you also receive localized industry insights, giving you an in-depth look into what candidates are looking for in an employer, as well as relevant news about your company’s industry.

Attracting the best talents to join your team does not have to be difficult when armed with the right digital platform that provides security when searching for the candidates fit for your company’s job vacancies. Use Talent Search to access the largest talent database in Southeast Asia and find the best candidate for the job. For more advice and insights on how you can adapt your business to face today’s challenges, visit the Jobs and Resources Hub.

At JobStreet, we believe in #JobsThatMatter. As a Career Partner, we are committed to helping all jobseekers find passion and purpose in every career choice. And as the number 1 Talent Partner in Asia, we connect employers with the right candidates who truly make a positive and lasting impact on the organization.

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