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Hiring Advice Engaging your workforce How Filipino Employees Want to Learn Post-Pandemic
How Filipino Employees Want to Learn Post-Pandemic

How Filipino Employees Want to Learn Post-Pandemic

Discover highlights on the learning behaviour and preferences of Filipino and global workers in this latest work trend report from JobStreet.

Learning is important to achieving personal and professional growth. This has become even more evident amid the global pandemic. With the impact of COVID on employment, more Filipino employees have upgraded their skills. Some have shifted careers to survive. So how are Filipino employees moving forward now? And how are they adapting to changing trends? 

You can find the answers in the third Decoding Global Talent Report by JobStreet, the Boston Consulting Group (BGC), and The Network. The report reveals the new outlook of Filipino employees on working abroad and remote work. It also highlights the roles they want to take on and how they want to learn. As such, the results of the study can provide valuable insights for employers like you.

Look at some of the important findings below. The following infographic compares the learning strategies of Filipinos with that of the global workforce. 


This report reveals trends in how Filipinos want to learn. And it also covers different educational levels, age groups, and industries. So, all in all, these are important factors to consider in strategizing for your future workforce. 

Usually, the credentials of applicants are your basic criteria. But now you want to know how they are inclined to learn and improve. And this has been greatly affected by the impact of COVID. So, you want to help your employees reinvent themselves to stay competitive. From this perspective, the pandemic has pushed the fittest to be flexible and forward-looking. 

Based on this, you can provide opportunities for continuous learning. You can help your employees to retrain, upskill, and reskill. You can also partner up with government agencies to give employees new training and incentives.  

Stay ahead of the changes happening post-Covid. Find out more. Download the report here.

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