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Girl power! 5 reasons why you should hire Pinays

Girl power! 5 reasons why you should hire Pinays

And some tips on how to do it.

For a country with a relatively conservative culture, the Philippines is great at embracing feminine power. This National Women’s Month, JobStreet celebrates that fact by reminding employers of the reason why Pinay employees are a total catch for the workplace.

5 reasons you should hire Pinays 

1. Pinays are some of the best talents. Obviously, there are many equally amazing male employees in the Philippines. But why limit yourself to a certain gender when you can hire both? Besides, several Pinay employees have proven themselves to be just as efficient as any other worker—even in male-dominated industries. Through the years, we’ve seen more and more Filipinas succeed as engineers, pilots, and programmers.

2. Pinays help build a healthy environment. Literally! Cleanliness is a more common trait in Pinays, and this becomes even more evident in the workplace. When you observe a workplace, you’ll see that more Pinays have the initiative to clean up after themselves.

3. Pinays encourage good relationships. While drawing flack from their emotional nature, Pinays can actually make good use of their sensitivities—especially in the workforce. They encourage active listening; they make work more fun; and, they empower workplace unity!

4. Pinays can excel in multiple areas at once. It’s a well-established fact that women are great multi-taskers. Just think of all the passionate Filipina employees who are mothers at the same time! You will rarely hear that these women would sacrifice one for the other. Pinays can certainly excel as career women while being great moms!

Aside from being able to juggle multiple responsibilities at once, women also have the unique ability to focus on several things. Their multi-focus comes in handy on various occasions, such as event planning, office management, and intern-training.

5. Diversity is always a good thing. Innovation usually comes from a combination of great minds from different backgrounds. When both male and female employees are present in the workplace, there are more chances that productivity and creativity will arise.

So now that you’re even more convinced to hire Pinay employees, it’s time that you learn how to hire (and retain) them. This article zooms into the top drivers of attraction of Pinay employees according to the JobStreet Law of Attraction (LOA) database.

Top 3 drivers of attraction for Pinay employees 


1. Salary or compensation 

Bilang breadwinner ako ng pamilya, yung taas ng sweldo at dami ng benepisyo ang una kong hinahanap sa trabaho. Syempre, kailangan ko ng sahod na kayang bumuhay sa pamilya ko,” Renz, 25, shares. Renz has been working in a government agency for six years now.

Salary or compensation is the top driver of attraction for Pinay employees. According to LOA, 17.2% of female Filipino workers value this driver the most. Make sure to provide your employees with government-mandated benefits. If you want to be competitive in recruitment, a higher salary offer also makes a job more inviting to Pinay employees.

2. Career or development opportunities 

While Renz was attracted by the salary and compensation her company offers, she confides that she stays in her job because of the career and development opportunities that she gets.

Syempre gusto ko yung may growth ako sa work ko,” she tells JobStreet. “Ayokong maging stagnant lang na ito lang ang alam ko. Kung pwede nga sana lahat ng tasks alam ko para maiwasan kong maging ignorante sa future na tasks na ma-encounter ko.

According to LOA, 77.6% of Pinay employees value promotion opportunities the most. Meanwhile, 69.3% desire clear growth and succession plans at work. Allow your employees to have fruitful careers by providing them these.

3. Work-life balance 

Coming in as the third top driver of attraction for Pinay employees is the opportunity for work-life balance. Joanna, 30, says, “In the industry I am in, my salary and compensation rate is considered low-end, but I stay in my job because I love the work that I do. I also love that my job gives me time for other interests and activities.” By May 2020, Joanna will have been working as a software engineer at her current company for almost a decade.

Work-life balance is becoming more and more important for the modern-day Filipina. With all other responsibilities, Pinays want jobs that support their lifestyles. With this, following overtime pay and general holidays are both non-negotiable offers.

The future is female, and you definitely want to be a part of it! Browse through JobStreet Law of Attraction to have access to data-driven analysis regarding hiring Pinays from various demographics.

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