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Finding the Right Solution for Your Talent Sourcing Needs

Finding the Right Solution for Your Talent Sourcing Needs

After exploring the distinction between active and monitoring candidates and their behavior, the next step is for hirers to create a good hiring strategy. Finding the right solution for everyone’s talent sourcing needs always boils down to two important questions: “What do I need?” and “How am I going to find it?” 

Since active and monitoring candidates have a very different job hunting behavior, a one-size-fits-all recruitment strategy won’t work if hirers want to find the best talent out there. So how can hirers find monitoring and active candidates, approach them, and ultimately recruit them? 

Through, hirers now have the means to connect and engage with both active and monitoring talents through the use of job ads and the brand new Talent Search feature. 

Engaging Active Candidates through Job Ads

Posting ads is still the fastest and easiest way to find the talent you need.  

  • Rich Job Ad - Provide more relevant information in your ads including job description, salary range, company overview and a lot more 

  • StandOut Listing - Be more visible in the job listings and get more views to your ads 

  • Salary Matching - Lessen the time on salary discussions and target only those who fit within the range your offer 

  • Career Microsite - Consolidate all your recruitment campaigns in one place and ensure you do not miss out on top talent 

  • Job Alerts - Gain much more visibility through daily job notifications. 

Monitoring Candidate Engagement 

Attracting monitoring candidates is never simple. Hirers have to go through several hurdles before they can successfully engage them. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t be done.’s Talent Search presents an opportunity for hirers to connect with the huge and largely untapped pool of qualified candidates. Serving as a specialized candidate search tool, Talent Search is the best way to discover, engage and acquire the best talent for your company. 

  • Search for profiles - Search, select and shortlist relevant candidates.

  • Access candidate database - With over 7.6 million resumes in the Philippines alone, Talent Search provides hirers access to the candidate database in Asia. 

  • Refine your search – There are detailed search functions which enable hirers to try out different variations of a job title or position, skills and specializations to get better results.

  • Connect with candidates - Contact candidates directly and enhance overall response rate by inviting them to apply.

Passive or monitoring? Hirers nowadays shouldn’t even have to choose.

In today’s tight labor market, a comprehensive tool to tap into the huge reservoir of both active and monitoring candidates is what every successful hirer needs. But you don’t need to look any farther. Whether you intend to hire active candidates or recruit monitoring candidates, can provide you with the right solution for your talent sourcing needs. 

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