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Curing the hiring hazards: How to convince Filipino medical professionals to work locally

Curing the hiring hazards: How to convince Filipino medical professionals to work locally

The rapid transition of the healthcare/medical industry has been the timely and thought-provoking subject of recent conversations. Laws of Attraction's Spotlight industry insights attribute this unprecedented growth and advancements to the industry's adoption of innovations in telecommunications, medical tourism, biopharmaceuticals, information technology, and artificial intelligence, all of which are becoming the cornerstones of modern medicine.

Despite the advancements, the Philippines continues to lack its supply of healthcare professionals. In its April 2019 article, the Manila Bulletin expounds that the Universal Health Care (UHC) law aims to narrow down the ratio of doctors to patients in far-flung and disadvantaged communities.

To be able to successfully step forward into the future, the Philippines' healthcare/medical industry should be able to confront a manifold of challenges presented by new disruptions combined with its longstanding problems.

What truly defines the future of the healthcare industry in the Philippines?

For meaningful progress to happen, the future of health care in the country should be defined by a balance between the industry's adaptability to innovation and the availability of healthcare professionals who will deliver it to the people.

Curing the Hiring Hazards

Yet, the hazard that overseas job opportunities are drawing more and more Filipino healthcare workers exists. There is a call for a balanced distribution of our outstanding homegrown medical professionals internationally and domestically, in the urban centers and rural areas. And the cure is for local employers to cope by stepping up the game in the playing field.

To help mitigate their shortage, especially in the provinces and small cities, it is important to know the hazards which are keeping them from working locally, and the cures that can counter them.

Drawing from JobStreet's Laws of Attraction (LOA) survey of Filipino health care/medical candidates, we've identified the top hiring hazards and prescribed cures to help you counter them.


Despite the strong desire to be with their families and serve their country, Filipino healthcare professionals find the attractive salary and benefits package of overseas jobs way too good to pass up.

LOA's Data Lab figures reveal that respondents would find Philippines a green pasture if their jobs could provide their families with essential benefits. It is important to note that their assertions for medical and life insurance and double compensation are significantly stronger than the total Philippine market. Combine these with a competitive basic salary and you'll have a winning formula.


Significant career growth, alongside with the advancements in the field, is one of the top motivators for healthcare professionals.

Contrary to conventional belief, candidate respondents would prefer to work in the local setting if the conditions are ideal for them to work towards their dream of a rewarding career. Inspire them with the possibilities of continuous learning and development at work, without being away from their loved ones, with promotion opportunities, a clear career trajectory, and skills training, higher education, and recognition programs.


Some employers cut cost with salaries and benefits by hiring staff on a contractual or per project basis. This creates job insecurity among Filipino healthcare professionals as they could be out of work anytime. With their eyes on the future, LOA respondents strongly assert the importance of a well-established career and financially secured, and would favor companies that offer permanent roles with high staff retention more than the total Philippine market.

You can convince Filipino healthcare/medical professionals to work locally if you would be willing to invest on them as you would in technology. Harness the insights and data available on JobStreet's Laws of Attraction tool and start surpassing the medical recruitment roadblocks.

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