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Can Your Company Attract Jobseekers in the Post-Pandemic World?

Can Your Company Attract Jobseekers in the Post-Pandemic World?

The pandemic has impacted the mindsets of almost everyone, resulting in shifting values among employees. These values have in turn, affected the way employees want to work in the post-pandemic world.

In light of these shifts, it is worth asking: Is our company still an attractive place to work in? 

As an employer, it would be helpful for your organization to be up to speed with the preference of this valuable workforce, especially as businesses move into the post-pandemic workplace.  

Another key point in understanding job hunters’ preference, is knowing their “how.” The work-from-home set-up has its quirks and numerous moving parts. Moms have their children to attend to and housework to fulfill, over and above their workload. Fathers need to adjust to the hybrid set-up, a fusion of home and office workspace. Those who live solo have to cope with loneliness and mental wellness. Each has his or her own reality to deal with and flexibility for deliverables and time-ins will be helpful. Given this, we rewrite the book on work principles and make adjustments to give way to a more friendly and inclusive. 

As a company, you can make that successful transition to a future workplace that will attract talent. You can do this by first understanding how employees want to work in a post-pandemic world. 

In part two of Decoding Global Talent, which you can download here for free, JobStreet in collaboration with the Boston Consulting Group and The Network, presents results from interviews with some 15,000+ respondents across different industries, with queries into pre-pandemic, pandemic, and near-future work possibilities. 

Let us take a closer look at how work preferences have shifted in the infographic below.


Learn more about the desired work mode of Filipino employees in other industries and more tips on how to build a better and more desirable workplace.

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