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Hiring Advice Engaging your workforce 6 tips to empower work-from-home parents
6 tips to empower work from home parents.

6 tips to empower work-from-home parents

According to the latest COVID-19 Job report for the Philippines, a surprising 87% of employees have experienced some form of work change due to the pandemic, with 56% of employees having to switch to WFH arrangement.

As an HR leader, there’s merit in acknowledging that different kinds of employees have different needs. One in a managerial position would need constant updates to be assured of the team’s efficiency. Rank and file employees would benefit from fostering amazing relationships with their teammates while working remotely.

For parents who are working from home, there is a need to balance work and family commitments. More than ever, it would mean a lot for the working parents in your team to see how you are implementing policies that will empower them to maintain work-life balance.

Be flexible in terms of scheduling and attendance expectations.

While all employees are expected to clock in a certain number of hours, consider extending a certain amount of flexibility for parents who are doing remote work. Any parent would agree that the immediate needs of the family, especially young kids, takes precedence for work from home parents. Distance learning has overwhelmed parents with various challenges, from dealing with the technical aspects to having more work on their plates.

It would be good to acknowledge this fact and give parents ample wiggle room in terms of clocking in. As long as quality of work does not suffer and as long as they are able to tend to all their responsibilities, allowing them to take time to care for their families’ needs should be perfectly fine.

Explore activities that involve the kids.

The pandemic has taken too much from everyone, especially in the context of spending time with one another and building face-to-face connections. However, this does not mean that we should be isolated altogether. As an HR leader, you can foster a positive work environment through creative activities that will foster camaraderie among employees. You can take this a notch higher with activities that include other members of the family. Work-from-home parents would surely appreciate this because it will help them strike the right balance between working and spending time with their children.

Offer financial boosts to family heads and breadwinners.

Taking care of the family is not limited to team members who are parents. More often than not, it also includes doing your part in helping the family secure financial security. As an HR personnel and decision maker, you are in an empowered position to offer financial programs with flexible and manageable repayment terms. You can also lend a hand by helping employees manage their money better with regular reminders and newsletters that will provide them with financial know-how.

Be active in offering medical support and knowledge.

In addition to remote work, WFH parents need to make sure that they implement safety protocols even at home. Reach out to parents and offer factual information on how they can keep their families safe. If your organization can afford it, you may also offer medical assistance to parents who may need it for their children or other family members. Showing your employees that you care about them at this level will help them treat you as their family, too.

Understand the kind of stress that they are under – and offer help!

To show them that you care for them, be active when it comes to reaching out to work-from-home parents. Find out how they are doing – and offer how you can help. Set aside a certain amount of time to reach out regularly. You would be surprised at the wealth of insights that you can gain within a few minutes of conversation. By making a conscious effort to get to know the situation of employees–both parents and non-parents–you will be able to better understand the kind of support they need from you.

Equip yourself with knowledge in maneuvering new challenges.

No matter how long you have been doing your job, this pandemic will prompt you to experience challenges that are totally new to you. As an HR representative, you can see these challenges as opportunities. Whether it is to offer support for working parents or to help employees navigate the new normal, you can pick up expert advice on managing a successful organization in our Jobs and Resources Hub. You can also play your part in putting together the best possible team when you search for the right candidates using Talent Search.

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