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10 Holiday Gifts You Can Give To Employees This Festive Season

10 Holiday Gifts You Can Give To Employees This Festive Season

And just like that, the holidays are in full swing. 

While the season officially began in September, the year-end countdown is evident. Christmas tunes fill the airwaves and the crowds swarm to shop. For companies, the work slows down. Unless you are working for the service or hospitality industry, the fiscal goals come to a close. Teams are slowly closing up shop and preparing for a new year. 

What is even more exciting are the parties to come. Whether you are spending it in person or online, the Yuletide season is always a cause for celebration. As an employer or a boss, there are several ways to show your appreciation to your employees.

But for this period, a Christmas gift is a good way to go about it. Although you are not obliged, it is a simple way of saying thank you to your team. You do not have to spend an exorbitant amount, either. After all, it is the thought that counts. 

However, before we explore the Christmas list we prepared for you, here are some tips to properly give your team. 

The rules of gift-giving

The most important thing to remember is that you have to set a certain budget for your employees. But what you should avoid is playing favorites. Surprising handpicked employees with iPads or extravagant gifts will not sit well with the others. Instead, here is what you can do:

  • Set a certain type of gift for all employees. Some employers select their gifts based on the rank of their employees, which is also acceptable. But to play it safe, you can stick with a singular type of gift. For instance, you can give copies of the same self-help book gifted to your executive committee members.

  • Add a personal touch to your gift. You can write a short thanksgiving note. Up it a bit more by sharing a personal experience only you and that employee had during the year. It could be an inside joke, an anecdote, and the like. Such an impression makes the employee feel special.

Christmas Gift Ideas: for your elves on the nice list

Kidding aside, we have compiled ten ideas for you to surprise your employees with. From desk decor to shopping coupons, no gift is too big or too small as long as the intention is right. 

  1. Food gift certificates The core of most (if not all) Christmas celebrations is food. You do not have to give them a feast. A simple treat to a coffee shop’s Festive drink is already good enough. Food delivery giants FoodPanda, Grab, and your favorite restaurants offer GCs for either dine-in or take-out. You can go on their website to see what they have on offer. 

  2. A desk plant Nothing says “this is going to be a great year” better than fresh blooms. But busy schedules can often result in flowers wilting. Try out a succulent, a perfect low maintenance gift for all, whatever shade of green their thumbs are. You can try visiting your local tiangges or Christmas market to find these!

  3. A self-help book Nothing says appreciation like a chance to learn. With the way we have been upskilling the past years, our career path is a never-ending student journey. Atomic Habits or The 5AM Club are just some examples to gift. You can check out the Goodreads 2021 Awards for a list of the best books to purchase too!

  4. Shopping discount vouchers The current situation resulted in the rise of online retail shopping giants. While they have been around before that, their convenience and “budol” appeal have transformed the way we purchase. Not only that, you can beat the crowds and buy from the safety of your homes. Giving your employees such vouchers will help alleviate essential purchases. And at the same time, they can take home a gift they are actually happy with!

  5. Water Jug Chaining ourselves to our desks can happen once every intense working day. While we do accomplish what we need to, we end up dehydrated in the process. If getting up to the water cooler becomes a chore, remind your colleagues to drink using their jug. With this one on hand, you can best bet that they can refill this in one go and sip every so often. That way, they do not sacrifice their water intake without breaking concentration. Some jug companies also do customized engraving. This is for employers who wish to drive the personal touch point home. Check out small business Acqua Bottles to start!

  6. Baked goods Ah, a classic Christmas treat indeed. Let the scent of cinnamon buns, puto bumbong, and other seasonal specialties deck your halls. Aside from sharing love through food, you can also support food businesses here. How is that for a double whammy? Head over to Let’s Eat Pare, a Facebook group that compiles all the best eats in the metro (and out!)

  7. A scented candle A peaceful working place equals a peaceful life. In a world where the lines of work and home are blurred, relaxation proves difficult. Contribute to your employees’ mindfulness by handing a scented candle in for Christmas. Science shares that the way our brains process smells contributes to the success of these little lighters. They say that the scents activate our limbic system, where our memory and emotions reside. You can try out rosemary for relaxation, mint for focus, and sea salt for a whiff of the ocean. Try out shops like Balay Pahulay or Take A Whiff Co!

  8. Medical Care Package Gift your employees with the thought of safety. The pandemic has seen the rise of various hygiene supplies like alcohol, wipes, and the like. Currently, staying safe has been on top of everyone’s wishlists. Why not encourage that further with a box of the essentials?

  9. Planners and Calendars Nothing beguiles us more than a planned year ahead. In these ever-fluid, uncertain times, we hang on to bits of surety every now and then. Several companies have released their 2022 planners this year. While some employees may want to pick their own, you can go out of your way to see what they usually prefer. Or if your employee is a coffee shop fanatic, surprising them with extra stickers will leave a huge smile on their faces. 

  10. Portable charger Hyperfocusing on our gadgets is a result of the collective move to the digital space. As such, our juice could run out faster during the day, especially if our units show their age. If we are out and running errands, chances are we may miss that urgent message. Having a portable charger onhand can keep the phones buzzing without an outlet in sight. If you are a little strapped on budget, you can get a powerbank with a smaller mAh! Multitasking has never been this generous.

Gratitude goes a long way

The Decoding Global Talent report lists “Work Appreciation” as one of the 10 employee job preferences today. That factor safely rests at number nine. What does that mean? Employees are not only looking at financial security as a main ingredient. 

They value workplaces that reward hard work fairly. Whether that be a good culture, good compensation, or a progressive career timeline, actions speak louder than words. It is not enough to say thank you. The gratitude must translate properly. 

As an employer, make sure to treasure and cherish your employees all year round. Appreciation, after all, is not just a seasonal thing. It is a forever thing. Do this and you will have less employees off the naughty list. Trust us. 

Happy holidays, everyone! 

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